College Football Roundup Week 2

Big day of football today, let’s get it.

Houston? They had a problem.

Houston  45     (5) Oklahoma State 35

UPSET CITY and in Stillwater no less. Houston has always had that explosive big-time offense but you would think that a team that showed so well last week in Oklahoma State would not lay an egg at home. It was 24-7 at the half and although Zac Robinson and Dez Bryant fought back, it was not enough as Houston and sneaky Heisman candidate Case Keenum fought back and earned a deserved W in Stillwater. 21 4th quarter points sealed the deal after Oklahoma State fought back to lead 28-24 after 3. Surprising victory, but no one really thuoght Oklahoma State was teh 5th best team in the nation, did they? They still might be a top ten team, but on this day, it was the Cougars who put on the show.

(19) UNC  12     Connecticut 10

I am not really sure what to think about UNC as a real contender, but at the moment it looks like they are just another somewhat above average ACC team, somewhat like Miami and Florida State, and some may say Georgia Tech. If for no other reason, this game was noteworthy because it ended on a game-winning safety. I will admit to not watching this one, but why not drop it a line for a game-winning safety. Moving on.

Game of the Week before 8 eastern

(18) Notre Dame  34     Michigan  38

Ok, so last week I got a little bit excited about my Fighting Irish’s chances. This is a damper to those, but not a huge one. Notre Dame’s offense was completely electric and showed a lot of character coming back on the road, in Ann Arbor no less, but I have to take my hat off to my hated rivals, the Michigan Wolverines, in the interest of journalism. They won that game, Notre Dame did not lose it. Tate Forcier quieted any talk about who would be starting for Michigan and Rich Rodriguez can breathe now. Michigan really impressed this week, even though their defense looked like it was getting man-handled at times by a bigger, stronger Notre Dame team. They als got abused by the deep ball all day despite pretty good coverage by Warren. There is definitely still work to be done in Ann Arbor, but this should keep the faithful happy for now at least. I really do not think there is any shame in losing to a team like Michigan on the road, but if Notre Dame could have won that game with Michigan playing as well as they did, it would go a long way toward regaining national respect. Regardless, that was one hell of a game, let’s hope it is a sign of things to come for the NCAA season.

Game of the Week

(3) USC 18     (6) Ohio State  15

What a game. Ohio State was in charge most of the game, but not quite enough of it as USC thwarted the Big Ten hope at the last. Unlike the other games I talked about in this column, I would like to take some time to talk about specific guys in depth a little more. The first is Matt Barkley. He did not really impress for the vast majority of this game, was under pressure constantly, had bad timing on his throws and was just generally not amking great decisions. However, my hat goes off to the kid for keeping his cool and driving the men of Troy down teh field, capping it off with a CJ Gable run and swing pass to Joe McKnight. He wasn’t great but he was good enough, and cool under pressure. The second guy is Terrelle Pryor. It has been said many times that he is an impressive athlete but he really played a pretty good game. Especially impressive was how he bounced back after his pick on the opening drive and drove the Buckeyes right down the field to get the momentum back and tie it up. He maybe could have managed the clock better at the end of the game, but that is on the coaching staff just as much as the QB, especially a true sophomore QB. He should be a top ten pick when he comes out, but I am cautious about proclaiming him as the next big thing because every time I watch him I think about Vince Young. Terrelle Pryor is outstanding, but still has work to do if he wants to be the superstar he seems destined to become. Taylor Mays: FREAK. That dude is scary, 6’3, 230, 4.25 40 yard dash and hits like a freight train. Imagine a taller, stronger, faster Bob Sanders. Eric Berry deserves some props for being in the same class as him, but when Tennessee proves they are relevant, then I will write about him.

Maybe most impressive in all of this was Ohio State really standing up to a team that everyone thought would abuse them. In last year’s Fiesta Bowl, Ohio State had Texas on the ropes but couldn’t quite close them out, and the same happened here, but they were outstanding games and proved that the Big Ten is not second rate football, at least not at the top.

Ok, it’s that time again.

CLOWN OF THE WEEK: Terrelle Pryor. Man, I hope he just spoke incorrectly. Link below.

Just to recap, according to Mr. Pryor, everony kills people, murders people, steals from people. Wow, go blow up some balloon animals Terrelle.

STAT LINE OF THE WEEK: Stephen F. Austin 92     Texas College 0. Wow.


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