Picks of the Week (9/17-9/21) [Reposted]

Every week, you get to know what we think of games in the upcoming week of NFL or college football. Or maybe both, just depends on the week.

Georgia Tech @ Miami (FL)

So last year Georgia Tech ran roughshod over Miami and Miami asked specifically to have this game earlier in the week under the lights. Sounds good to me. I still have Georgia Tech in this one even though I love Miami’s athleticism and ability. The option remains effective despite the advent of the spread offense and the like. I have got this one Georgia Tech 30, Miami 21. The Ramblin’ Wreck won’t wow you with any type of aerial ability but if you think that means no big plays, think again. Tune in, I will personally bet that Georgia Tech has more plays of 25 or more yards than Miami.

Not sure if Seattle at San Francisco is really pick worthy, but both teams are 1-0 so why not? I have San Francisco in this game, though not for any good reason really. I believe in Singletary as long as he doesn’t get caught with his pants down (both literally and figuratively). The running game was not dead for the otherwise dead Rams against the Seahawks, but I could see the Niners stealing one from the eventual division champ (calling it right here). San Francisco 24, Seattle 20. It won’t be pretty if it’s the Niners, but they will emerge 2-0 and the favorite to win the West. They won’t do it, but the hype machine will start up a little bit. Imagine Chris Berman saying, “They don’t win pretty, but they just win. THEY COULD GO ALL THE WAY! THEY WILL PLAY THE BILLS IN THE SUPER BOWL!!!” He isn’t the only anchor to get a little out of hand, but he is the most recognizable so the joke is on him this time.

Houston at Tennessee promises very few things. One of these things is a clinic on what it means to be a tough team. Tennessee is, Houston is not. Houston is phenomenally talented across the field with Slaton, Schaub and Andre Johnson, but they are softer than grandma’s cookies. Tennessee, on the other hand, is a battle-hardened team that won’t let anyone push them around and makes you earn every yard. Houston is more talented and it won’t matter a bit because for all the punches Houston will throw on offense, when they get punched in the mouth, they will not respond, just like in the Jets game with a similarly tough offensive line for the Jets. Titans 23, Houston 6.

Briefly, I would like to talk about one of the most amazing current runs in sports. The Detroit Lions, looking like me playing NFL Blitz, have not even been able to luck into a win in 18 consecutive games dating back to the final week of 2007.  Will it happen this week against Minnesota? No. But it will happen. I was actually going to go out on a limb and say it will happen soon but they have a brutal schedule including 4 winning teams from last year in the next 4 weeks and a much improved Packers team the week after. The only games they have a shot at winning after losing to the Saints are Week 8 vs. St. Louis, Week 11 vs. the Browns or Week 13 at the Bungals. I hope for them it happens by week 8, but if they don’t cash in on those, they are going to need a little bit of luck to pull a win out. But no team could really go 33 games straight……….. Could they?

My last pick of the week is the Giants over the Cowboys in Dallas. I am not as big a Cowboy hater as most; but as a Colts fan, I share an affinity for Eli Manning and the Giants. The running game and pass rush of the Giants has been murderous in the past and it will undress the new-look few-superstar cowboys. They still have a great offensive line, but I think that Tony Romo is in for a long night. Home field advantage means nothing anymore. When the Colts went from the raucous, noisy RCA Dome to subdued Lucas Oil Field, the fans stayed but the deafening roar left. These stadiums swallow up dollars and noise, effectively erasing home field advantage.  Giants 17, Cowboys 14. I am sticking to the margin, but I guess it could turn into a shootout.


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