NFL Week 3

There are so many places to start when talking about the NFL this week but let’s start with the end of an era. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, the end of an era of Detroit Lions football equaled by only one team in NFL history, and the era ended in shocking fashion. That’s right; the Detroit Lions won a game. Not only did they win a game, they didn’t need immense drama to do it. No game winning drive, no last minute heroics and no terrible blunders to give away the game. The Detroit Lions (gulp) were just the best team on the field and frankly had control of the entire game. Congrats Detroit, but don’t get used to it. Not to rain on your parade, but think of it this way, you will have another shot at drafting highly next year.

The Sunday Night game did not signal the end or beginning of an era as much as the continuation of one as Peyton Manning once again dominated as the Colts out-swashbuckled the Cards 31-10. The score is a bit deceiving as the Cards twice turned the ball over inside the 5 and were able to move the ball most of the game and really should have been closer to 31-21 (which may or may not have been my prediction for the game). After those turnovers and the corresponding punishing drives, the Colts put the game on ice by repeatedly beating the Arizona offensive line down and getting constant pressure on Warner, who still managed to throw for over 300 yards. Arizona did not play badly as much as the Colts took advantage of every opportunity presented to them and the Cardinals took advantage of very few. The Colts are playing very well right now and the Cards are searching for defensive help and a consistent running game and both sides showed in this blue and white romp.

The only real segue to make from “romp” is to make some sort of joke about the Browns, but I will not stoop so low as someone with Cleveland ties. I wonder if the Ravens ran away with this game faster or if Art Modell ran away with the Browns to Baltimore faster? Sorry, low blow. The story of Art Modell is a long and somewhat dull, but the moral of the story is that he wronged the city of Cleveland and they will not forget. Look him up if you really want to know.

More news out of Ohio: The Cincinnati Bengals might be alright. After narrowly losing to Denver on a miracle play, the Bengals have beat the Packers and Steelers in back to back weeks and are just one game back of the powerhouse Ravens in the AFC North. Could they be for real? It is possible, though it is always risky to call Cincinnati a contender. All joking aside, the game was outstanding to watch and featured a last minute Cincinnati drive to beat the defending World Champions. Ben Roethlisberger once again played pretty well but was simply upstaged by Carson Palmer and his band of loveable losers. Maybe this year they can go back to loveable and strike the “loser” from the name.

I am not going to spend a ton of time on the Jets if for no other reason than I have not gotten to see them play this year, but they clearly have an outstanding defense with just enough offense. I am reluctant to call them the favorites in a division with New England but they certainly have a leg up for the time being. Don’t take them lightly, or Rex Ryan will make you pay.

The Carolina-Dallas game has yet to be played but we will leave it out for the week unless something really phenomenal happens.

I really want to talk about Brandon Jacobs TD celebration. He basically put some pelvic thrusts on the ball and then tossed the ball out in front of himself. In case we have some younger readers, I will try to be subtle, but he basically just had sex with the ball and then acted like the ball was his, well you know. I personally thought it was hilarious, but good luck trying to get endorsement deals after that. That TD celebration was easily the most graphic display since Prince’s halftime show at the Super Bowl. Hilarious, but it was still a bit odd. I could not find video of it at this point, but when you watch the clip on SportsCenter, watch the replay.

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