College Football Week 5

After hitting both my college picks over the weekend, I am feeling good about this. Let’s get to the action.

Bayou Bengals Bully Bulldogs between the Hedges

Ok, sorry about that alliteration. I could talk about the game-winning TD from Charles Scott, or the fact that it was 7-6 entering the final quarter before ending 20-13, but I want to start with LSU’s chances next week against Florida. Winning on the road in the SEC takes cajones and the fact that LSU could pull out a win on the road like that shows a lot about them. In college football, to win on the road, you really have to be the better team, and LSU proved it. You cannot just be about equal to win on the road; you have to be clearly be the better team. Florida travels to LSU next week where the fans are sure to be rabid and sure to be a factor in the game. Is Florida clearly a better team than LSU? I say no, Tebow or not. Florida might be a little bit better, but not good enough to win it on the road. Florida has an especially hard time with LSU in Baton Rouge, and LSU is looking like a real contender. I am calling it; LSU upsets the #1 team in the country next week, Tebow or not. I don’t know the score, but it will be close as expected.

Houston Exposed

After UTEP got crushed by Texas last week, most people probably wrote them off as a real threat to Houston, but the conference road game strikes again as the opportunistic Miners jumped on top and refused to let the Houston defense take a break. The #12 team in the country cannot give up 58 points to anyone, let alone UTEP. Still, UTEP played well and made clear that they were not just a lucky team, but a prepared, talented team.

Hurricane hits Sooners rather than later

As called on this very site, The U is back and won a close game over the Bradford-less Sooners. Jacory Harris proved that the VT game was not his defining game and bounced back slicing the Oklahoma defense up through the air while the Miami D kept the Sooners under control. The key play was the forced fumble deep in Sooner territory that eventually game Miami the commanding lead, but Miami was simply the best team on the field. They were better on offense and at least equal on defense. Whether or not Miami is a title contender remains to be seen, but to come through their opening 4 games 3-1 is phenomenal. A ranked FSU team, a ranked GT team, top 10 VT and title contender OU? No problem. Miami should be favored every game the rest of the way so it is just a matter of holding on, grabbing the ACC title and hoping the numbers work out right.

In other news, Cal was overrated

I am not going to spend a ton of time talking about this, but USC straight ran the Golden Bears in Berkeley. Cal actually looked outstanding the first drive, but after the Taylor Mays pick in the end zone, Kevin Riley folded like a lawn chair and might as well sat in one for the rest of the game. For as outstanding as Jahvid Best is, no one can make up for the lack of a passing game in a pro-style system all by himself. USC got its swagger back, but c’mon Cal, that’s all you got at home in a huge game? Goodbye Top 25 for Cal.

CLOWN OF THE WEEK: Lou Williams of the 76ers tries to organize a party over the span of 5 minutes on YouStream. Twitter users can chat with Lou on YouStream, and honestly I don’t know much about Twitter, but if you use it, follow Lou Williams. He is wildly entertaining every time he gets on there.


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