October: Can it get any better?

We usually do not get around to just talking sports, but with the Twins unbelievable win, The Braylon Edwards saga and trade, the Michael Crabtree signing and Tim Tebow’s chances against LSU. Not to mention, the MLB playoffs start tonight.

Let’s talk Twinkies first. Wow, what a game, it had everything you could ask for short of a walk-off home-run. Probably not quite as great a game as the San Diego-Colorado play-off game in Colorado’s miracle year, but it was one hell of a game. Sadly, this baseball fanatic was left out in the cold as I did not know the game was on TBS. I know. Kill me now. The Tigers are a very likeable team sans the huge payroll. Granderson, Polanco, Magglio Ordonez and Co. are all likable guys, but there is just something about the Twins that makes you root for them. It is something about the Turf, the no-name guys coming up big and the savvy of the organization that just makes the Twins just about everyone’s second favorite team. The Turf (capitalized because it is such a tradition) will be gone next year as the Twins move outside, but I suspect the love for the Twins will remain. I wish them the best of luck with the Yankees, who have problems of their own as Jorge Posada will not be catching AJ Burnett. Do I smell a rift? Yes, I do, but the Morneau-less Twins might just not have the firepower to take full advantage. Sometimes even the AL MVP isn’t enough. I have the Yankees winning this series, but nothing would make me happier than another Yankees crash out of the playoffs.

In other news, Braylon Edwards learned that there are some guys you can hit, and some you cannot hit, and LeBron’s friend, at least within Cleveland, is one of those guys you can’t hit. Lucky for him he is now a New York Jet. Will he have an impact on the fairly grounded offense? Probably a bit of one, but the Jets got fid of one of Sanchez’s favorite targets in Chansi Stuckey and Braylon still has a good deal of work to put in before he can be a productive member of that offense. Braylon, however, has got to be thrilled seeing as how he is no longer a Cleveland Brown; no longer is he stuck in the purgatory of the NFL for no real reason. His hands won’t get any better with his move to New York but at least he isn’t in Cleveland anymore right?

In unrelated news, a semi-prima donna wide receiver found a home today as Michael Crabtree FINALLY signed with the 49ers. I do not know who convinced him that holding out was a bad idea, but he should fire that person, even if it was his brother. It makes no economic sense, makes no football sense and really just makes no sense of any kind. The rookie year, generally, for a receiver is the toughest, so he is failing to get that out of the way while in his prime. He will get paid less if he had entered the draft again next year (due to concern about signablity, character, and age), and signing a deal now just makes more sense than signing one one-year later.

I think what Mr. Crabtree fails to realize is his value. Wide receivers are very replaceable, and while he is a phenomenally talented wide out, he is far more replaceable than, let’s say, a quarterback. Look at the Saints receiving corps: Marques Colston (7th round pick), Devery Henderson (2nd round), Lance Moore (undrafted), Robert Meachem (late 1st round). Wide receivers can come from anywhere in the draft and, as you can tell, where you get drafted means absolutely nothing to your success in the NFL, you can find a good receiver in any number of places. This does not mean that any receiver is a good one, but it means there are a multitude of guys who can fill that role. So get in to practice, learn the playbook, and go through the growing pains just like everyone else. Maybe then you will live up to your status as a wide receiver with elite potential.

Let’s get some college football talk going, most notably the showdown between LSU and Florida in Baton Rouge. The big question is if Tim Tebow will play, but another question worth asking is if LSU should want Tebow to play. This would seem like a no-brainer to most since he is seen as the greatest thing since sliced bread, but I want to take another angle to it.  First off, I believe that LSU was going to beat Florida all along. It is too hard to win on the road in the SEC and LSU is too good a team to suffer a let down in that big a game at home. Secondly, if Tim Tebow does not play, LSU will face the almighty wrath of BCS hatred should they continue to put up Ws since everyone will cry bloody murder if Florida loses without Tebow and he is available for the Championship. They would see it as an illegitimate win, a win that was not earned in full. Maybe the coaches would give them a bump, maybe the computers would, I don’t know, but what I do know is that if LSU beats a Tebow-less Gators team, they will not get credit for the win as much as Tebow’s absence will get credit for Florida’s loss. LSU is good enough to win this game even if Tebow plays, so why not hope he plays so no one can blame Florida’s loss on anything unrelated to the players on the field? LSU will win this game, Tebow or not, and not even Tim Tebow (Superman wears his pajamas) can stop it.

And, in case you live on Pluto (not even a planet) and missed it, the MLB Playoffs start tonight. In case you need some pumping up, click here and read the last paragraph. If you can’t get excited about October, I feel bad for you because you are obviously not far from the grave. I can’t wait.


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