College Football Week 8

Bama’s Big Boy

Terrence Cody is more popular than bacon in the state of Alabama. Of course, he might have bacon to thank in the first place, but all fat jokes aside, he is one freak of an athlete. I am salivating at the idea of him clogging up the middle of the Colts defense and clogging up the collective arteries of America. Ok, I swear the fat jokes are done. Fat or not, try to tell me you would not LOVE to have Terrence Cody on your team. Defensive stalwart, kick-blocking specialist and a re-dedicated player; what is not to like? To all you NFL fans out there, try and convince me you do not want him, not even a little, on your team. If you are not a NFL person, try to convince me you do not want your favorite team to pick up a freakishly, yet unexpected, athlete who has recently lost weight and has completely rededicated himself to the game. If you have not watched a down of Alabama football all year, this is what you are missing. I would give him the nickname Bam Bama if he wasn’t so utterly terrifying for opponents.

Mark Ingram’s Heisman campaign took a bit of a blow, but I do not believe he is the big target regardless. Running backs these days are less likely to win because it is abundantly easier to shut down a running back than it is to shut down a multi-threat quarterback. This means that if a team decides that a running back will not beat them, they can do that, but deciding the quarterback will not beat them just does not happen. Quarterbacks can get shut down, but rarely is a star quarterback completely wrapped up as part of scheme.

I will give a lot of credit to Tennessee for fighting back, but COME ON Lane Kiffin, you CANNOT go with the fist pump before the ball has even been snapped. If you are going to do it, please, for the love of God, do not get caught doing it on camera. At least half the state of Tennessee thinks you just jinxed your team, so congratulations. Tennessee played a great game on the road, and I give them a lot of credit for it, but they missed a huge opportunity. Not only will this loss resonate in the locker room and on the field, but it could have been a huge victory for Tennessee in recruiting. They would gain some serious respectability in the SEC and it could get them on the fast track to prominence.

Bad Picks

Ok, I was WAY off on Washington keeping it close with Oregon. Oh yeah, I couldn’t have been further off on BYU either. I thought their defense was part of a D-I team, but evidently not. The Horned Frogs are for real watch out BCS, although navigating the MWC is no easy task. Get over it. I’m not a Sports God; I just look like it sometimes.

Big Ten: Mascots and Games

Iowa pulled out a miracle in East Lansing and Penn State looked once again acceptable as a Big Ten contender in its dismantling of the Wolverines. I realized that most people have no clue what either of these mascots really is. If I showed you a picture of a Nittany Lion, would you know it for sure, or would you say cougar? If I showed you a wolverine and it wasn’t a cartoon character, would you know beyond the shadow of a doubt it was a wolverine? This got me thinking about the Big Ten and how just about all their mascots were like that. Most people around the country couldn’t identify a Hoosier, Fighting Illini, Nittany Lion, Wolverine, Badger (maybe), or Boilermaker. Spartans would qualify too if they continued to exist, and Hawkeyes and Golden Gophers are equally unusual. I actually kind of like the creativity here. No tigers, no bulldogs, no eagles, and only one wildcat. Both creative and regionally sensible, go Midwest!

Iowa has a knack for last minute wins and I am not sure how to describe it. Ricky Stanzi just wins and even when it is not pretty, they find a way. Oh, by the way, Stanzi is undefeated as a starter. Wow, right? Ricky Stanzi, who knew?

There was not a ton to talk about in the game, Penn State was a way better team and Michigan just did not do anything to impress. Moving on.


Raise your hand if you think Oklahoma is way more deserving of a ranking than Kansas, even before they settled it on the field. (Raising hand). If you want to call it an upset, more power to you, but no shock here.

Pitt over Bulls

Pitt might be for real, but it is hard to tell when there is really only one convincing Big East team (Cincinnati) and they have not played them yet. I will give Pittsburgh my conditional respect to Pittsburgh on the grounds that they do not lose to any Big East teams at home and do not get blown out by anyone.

Clemson Clout, Hurricane Pain

Miami continues to be consistently inconsistent. Big props to Clemson for bringing their A game, and CJ Spiller for going off again, but Miami is just maddening. They are among the mentally weakest teams out there. No team plays up or down to the level of their opponents quite like Miami. Notre Dame is also definitely in the running for that, but it is hard to judge how good each of the teams Notre Dame has played. Again, well done by Clemson, but Miami just does not have the focus of a champion.

Florida, Texas and Utah

Florida and Utah snuck by conference foes, but Texas blew Mizzou out of its own stadium. Texas is very flawed, and will lose soon, mark my words, but it was not going to be at Mizzou. Too predictable you cannot have a trap game if everyone is picking the underdog. Utah’s close game either showed weakness, or strength of the MWC. Ask me about it in 4 weeks. Florida got some questionable calls, but was probably the better team. Had Mississippi State not gone for that fake punt (or had he not slipped) and had a few calls gone their way they could have sprung the upset. I sense a weakness in Florida but I am not sure who will test them with Greg McElroy’s current form. I do not know who is a real contender this year. No one is without flaw or without a shaky element. Should be fun to see it play out. Boise and TCU have very legitimate shots at BCS bowls and nobody is safe. Sounds like the College Football Season is officially here.

CLOWN OF THE WEEK: Me. For picking BYU over TCU completely overlooking the fact that Florida State’s fast players ripped BYU to shreds. TCU is a great team and I am a clown for picking against them.


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  1. hilarious observation about the mascots. ive noticed that too. i honestly dont know what a buckeye is. regardless, im glad you gave kudos to the crative side of the big ten higher ups. nice

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