October 29th NBA Game Predictions

October 29th NBA Game Predictions

San Antonio Spurs vs. Chicago Bulls– With this game being the home opener in Chicago, where a bunch of young stars are fresh and anxiously awaiting to lace their shoes up for the show, I got to say, the San Antonio Spurs are the underdogs in this game. While the Spurs are coming off an impressive opening win at home against the Hornets, will they be ready to keep up with the youngsters? I don’t believe so, reigning Rookie of the Year award winner, Derrick Rose has been nursing that sprained ankle and I don’t expect him to have any excuses going up against the always tough Tony Parker. We should be in store for a nail biter and although we’ll get our first look at a Chicago team that can’t rely on Ben Gordon down the stretch, I think they’ll find a way to get the job done at home.

Chicago Bulls- 116 San Antonio-112 OT

Denver Nuggets vs. Portland Trailblazers– Both teams are coming off first game victories, looking to earn another victory tonight, in what should be another tough battle. I’m not sure about Portland thus far, definitely not a fan of their point guard situation. Whenever you add a guy like Andre Miller and you ask him to come off the bench to start off the season, there could potentially be problems. Though Miller is known to be a very good teammate, troubles could be on the horizons in Portland. Along with the point guard situation, the loss of small forward Nicolas Batum is a big one, especially defensively. Everyone knows that I’m a big fan of Martell Webster and it’s time for him to step up and take control of that starting role. Tonight, I’m taking the Nuggets on the road.

Denver Nuggets- 108 Portland Trailblazers- 100

Three Things Worth Noting:

  1. 1. I mentioned it in the game preview, but this is our first look at the Bulls without Ben Gordon, a player they’ve relied on down the stretch for years…
  2. 2. I’m starting to feel like I live in Denver. I’m well aware that the Nuggets are entertaining team to watch but this will their 4th nationally televised game this season. After tonight, only 10 games have been on national broadcast (which includes preseason) which makes Denver part of 40% of those games televised.
  3. 3. So far I’m 11-5 on this year’s predictions. I want to personally thank the Cavs for 2 of those losses.


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