Game 2 Report and Game 3 Preview

That was one hell of a game. Pedro was all you could ask for and more and he was still not the best starter on the night as AJ Burnett was lights out. If you would have told me that Pedro would have 8Ks and only fall victim to 2 solo shots through 6 innings, I would have almost guaranteed a Phillies win with how they are putting runs on the board, but it didn’t work out like that. AJ Burnett threw 7 masterful innings and the only run he allowed could have been called an error on A-Rod for not even knocking a ball, which was right at him, down. Aside from the actual events of the game, the Phillies have to be feeling alright about their chances having split the games at Yankee Stadium and already forced the Yankees into one pressure game.I know that is technically unrelated, I just enjoy watching.

The Pressure Theory, a creation of my own I would like to think, states that there is a finite amount of pressure innings any team can take before it breaks. Now what is perceived as a pressure situation (Phillies needing to win Game 1), and what really is a pressure situation (Yankees having to respond with Game 2) are different. It only counts as a pressure game if the team looks at it like it is, and the Yankees undoubtedly felt the pressure in Game 2. However, the Phillies are facing a pressure game in Game 3 with the shaky Cole Hamels taking the mound. If he struggles, the pressure is immediately on the Phillies as they were already nervous about him. The only thing worse than nerves is the confirmation that your fears are indeed worthy ones. This game is not quite as important for the Yankees as Game 2, but if they win this game, they can afford a really pressure-filled game for a few days. The Yankees are not under pressure to win this game as much as they realize that a win can put all the pressure in the world on the Phillies. The Yankees are not as much under pressure tomorrow as much as they are granted an opportunity. Please comment if this does not make sense to you.

I think that the Yankees have got to be favored to win this game with veteran Andy Pettitte on the mound against a shaky Cole Hamels. For every bit good Hamels was last year, he has been bad this year. He could make Dom DiMaggio look like his brother Joe right now and that is bad news for the Phillies. It is hard to bet against Pettitte in any game, let alone one against a struggling young ace, so I won’t. Yankees 7, Phillies 4.


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