October 30th NBA Game Predictions

October 30th NBA Game Predictions

Milwaukee Bucks vs. Philadelphia 76ers– It’s finally here, the game I’m entitling the phrase, “The Debut of You Know Who”. The 76ers are a perfect team for Jennings to start off his NBA career for two main reasons: 1) they’re solid team that will challenge him & 2) no disrespect to Lou Williams but he’s not a true point guard and Jennings should be able to take full advantage of that. For the 76ers, Andre Iguodala looks to bounce back for a rough opening night outing and look for him to completely fill the stat sheet up tonight. Much to my dismay, I’m taking the 76ers to win this one at home.

76ers- 105 Bucks- 96

New York Knicks vs. Charlotte Bobcats– The Knicks go running into Charlotte tonight with both teams looking to pick up their first wins of the season. Having a very impressive first outing, the second year man Danilo Gallinari looks to keep up the hot shooting hand from the perimeter. The Bobcats failed to provide help to main man, Gerald Wallace in their last game, and couldn’t get any help from their bench, especially from D.J. Augustin. The Bobcats haven’t seem to gel on the floor together yet scoring 59 total points in their last game, so look for the Knicks win tonight.

Knicks- 109 Bobcats- 86

Washington Wizards vs. Atlanta Hawks– This should be a very interesting matchup, one in which I wouldn’t be shocked to see down the stretch of the season, as these teams will battle it out for similar playoff seeds in the East. With Gil “I talk to” Zero “media” hot from the floor in his last game, the Hibachi continuing to lead the Wiz to a win in Atlanta tonight.

Wizards-112 Hawks- 108

Toronto Raptors vs. Memphis Grizzlies– Coming off a big win at home over the Cavs, the Raptors already have found some momentum early on into the season. This is huge for a team that struggled to live up to the expectations just a year ago. To be fair to the Grizz I see them putting up a challenge tonight, making the Raptors earn this victory, so don’t expect Sonny Weems to end up on ESPN Top 10 plays tonight.

Raptors-98 Grizzlies- 87

Miami Heat vs. Indiana Pacers– For 17 consecutive home games, the Indiana Pacers have defeated the Miami Heat. Despite Wade’s production and O’Neal’s strong play down low as he heads back to where the stardom really began, the Heat will fall short of finally ending the Pacers impressive home domination. Make it 18 consecutive home games that Pacers take down the Heat at home.

Pacers- 114 Heat-112

Sacramento Kings vs. New Orleans Hornets– Attention, class is officially in session with Professor Paul, for Kings fans they better hope their student, Tyreke Evans brings a pad and paper to the game to take notes. Tonight Evans will be welcomed into the NBA officially as he goes up against the NBA’s best point guard. How he accepts that challenge will say a lot about the young man’s character. Look for Okafor to have a big night.

Hornets- 103 Kings- 90

Chicago Bulls vs. Boston Celtics– While it won’t live up to the great playoff matchup of last year, this game should be a fun one to tune into as it’s always exciting to watch Rondo & Rose go at it. With the Bulls playing last night and the Celtics being fresh at home, I see the Celtics jumping out to a good start and never looking back. Celtics win.

Celtics-97 Bulls- 88

Orlando Magic vs. New Jersey Nets– Vince Carter is making his first appearance back to the IZOD Center but what’s even more important to note is the matchup between Brook Lopez and Dwight Howard on the block. Hopefully both young big men stay out of foul trouble and if the game stays fairly close enough, that matchup in itself might be worth watching.

Magic- 117 Nets- 102

Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Minnesota Timberwolves– While the Cavs have disappointed me up to this point in the season, I’ll lose all championship hope in the team if they can’t find a way to put a “W” in the win column tonight.

Cavs- 112 Timberwolves- 84

Due to Time Constraints Only Score Predictions

Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Detroit Pistons- Under the lead of Kevin Durant, Oklahoma City will create a “thunder” inside the Palace of Auburn Hills tonight. Key to a Thunder victory is the play of Jeff Green as he’ll have plenty of opportunities to score with Villanueva’s poor effort on defense and his range won’t allow Ben Wallace to guard him outside on the perimeter. For Detroit, Rodney Stuckey must step up soon and find better ways to get his teammates involved. Thunder come away with a big road win.

Thunder- 107 Pistons- 101

LA Clippers vs. Utah Jazz

While I love the matchups at each position, I feel the Jazz will take better shots and take better care of the ball. That in itself will be the key to their success tonight. Clippers forward Al Thornton should have a big night as he creates matchup problems if the Clips decide to go small. Down the stretch, I’m putting my money on Sloan’s squad lead by Deron Williams.

Jazz- 104 Clippers- 95

Golden State Warriors vs. Phoenix Suns- It’s going to be a track meet inside the US Airways Center tonight as the Suns host a uptempo Golden State team that isn’t afraid to run with the Suns. The Suns are coming off a win that required a total team effort. Suns must expect better play from Channing Frye which always begins with limiting his fouls early on in games. If Frye gets in foul trouble, you might as well kiss the rest of his game goodbye. Tonight he’ll avoid that foul trouble and will stretch out the inside for Stoudemire to operate. Curry should shine in this matchup as he’ll rack up some assists to go along with a few long bombers from deep. But the Suns got this one.

Suns- 119 Warriors- 112

Dallas Mavericks vs. LA Lakers- Call me crazy but this is a very early screening of what’s to come this year in the playoffs. I could easily see these teams facing each other in the Western Conference Finals. Though the Lakers always will be the favorite in these matchups, I really buy into the Mavericks ability to be versatile. Shawn Marion has the ability to guard Gasol which allows the Mavs to go small to switch things up. I like the Mavs this year, just not tonight in LA.

Lakers- 110 Mavs- 104

Three Things Worth Noting:

1. Brandon Jennings makes his debut in Philly

2. VC returns to New Jersey, Brook/Dwight battle inside

3. I currently hold a 13-5 record with NBA predictions


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