College Football Week 9

There really was not a whole lot to talk about in College Football this week, so what better time than now to talk about the Heisman Trophy? There were a few upsets, which we will talk about, but it has been an unusually quiet week in college football. Everyone has about the same list of candidates for the Heisman, but you will probably get some picks here you will not expect. But first, let’s cover the upsets that did happen.

Quack Attack!

Birds of a feather sometimes wear a million different colors.

Once again, USC came into Eugene and left with a whooping. As called on this site, specifically on this page, the red-hot Ducks were way too much for USC to handle. They did whatever they wanted on offense, and if USC didn’t like it, the Ducks did it anyway. USC was effectively knocked from BCS with this loss, and may have lost its shot to win yet another Pac-10 championship. This USC team is different from the USC reams of the last few years in the sense that they do not just find a way to win like the USC teams of the past did. They have still done it (Ohio State comes to mind), but not as consistently as before. They are probably looking at a Holiday Bowl berth at this point with a Rose Bowl berth highly unlikely (essentially 2.5 games back of Oregon in conference). They could get bumped up simply for being USC, but at this point that looks like the best they could do.

Oregon, on the other hand, is hotter than Tabasco Sauce inside a habanera pepper on top of a volcano. Since the beat down in Boise, the Ducks have been nothing short of spec-quack-ular, winning games and making it look easy, even against quality competition. They beat now ranked Utah, blew then #6 Cal to smithereens and beat Washington, in Seattle, 43-19. The only games really standing in their way are a game at Arizona, which is a quality team, and against Oregon State in the Civil War. If they can navigate those games with only 1 loss they should cruise to a Rose Bowl berth, and if they can win both, they can rise even higher. They will probably be ranked #7 or so after this game so with a few breaks they could easily sneak their way into the top 4 by the end of the season. Impressive stuff out of a team that looked pretty bad in Boise to start the season.

Other Games

Texas rolled Oklahoma State. Not even close; sorry for bothering you with such an awful prediction on that one. VT fumbled away a game quite literally down at Chapel Hill when they fumbled a punt inside their own 20 with under 2 minutes left. Oof. “The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party” turned into “The World’s Most Widely Witnessed SEC Spanking” as Florida rolled. Miami once again played down to the level of their opponent before eeking one out over Wake Forest. Numerous other overrated teams fell this week, such as Ole Miss, South Carolina, and West Virginia, but if they are so overrated, why talk about them, right? Let’s get to some more individual looks.

Heisman Watch

The following guys are, in order, the most likely to win the Heisman this year.

1. Tim Tebow– Captain America will get some extra credit for probably going undefeated and putting up outstanding numbers. He will get the extra bump for being, in all likelihood, undefeated and his leadership. Fair or not, that is definitely a part of the voting. Tebow will win his second Heisman Trophy.

2. Colt McCoy- He has really picked it up as of late and after beating Oklahoma State, they should go undefeated. I think they are a flawed team, but they sure looked good this week and have no major obstacles left on their schedule. He will get the undefeated boost too, but his numbers against the better competition has not been stellar.

3. Mark Ingram– It is rare that a running back sneaks into the discussion in the era of the spread offense, but Ingram has a shot. Alabama has undeniably been riding their horse to their current unbeaten mark and will have to continue to until they can figure out the quarterback position. Ingram’s numbers are undoubtedly elite, but teams will start putting 9 in the box and as a result, his numbers will not quite be good enough to roll to a Heisman Trophy.

4. Jimmy Clausen- What a difference a few years can make. When Jimmy Clausen arrived in South Bend, he made a living out of being beaten to a pulp by defenses, as the offensive line was in shambles, and running from defensive ends. Now he is making his living throwing the ball all over the field and being among the most efficient passers in the country (2nd) and a leader in touchdowns (T-7th) and yardage (12th). And he is doing this in a pro-style offense, not a spread or Hawaii-style offense. He has done wonders for his draft stock, but I have a feeling he is staying in school. There is a rookie salary cap in place if he stays, but I think he has unfinished business and he wants to finish.

5. Case Keenum– The other name that could have gone here was Boise State’s Kellen Moore, but I think the competition he faces in the WAC will hold him back. You cannot argue with Keenum’s numbers but he will get some backlash for being a “system quarterback”. Isn’t the idea to create a system quarterback? Anything to get your offense going, right? I am not sure about this whole system QB thing, but he will get in trouble for it.


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