November 1st NBA Game Predictions

November 1st NBA Game Predictions

Orlando Magic vs. Toronto Raptors- The Raptors are solid team but not a great team, they were able to take down a struggling Cleveland Cavaliers team in their home opener but Dwight Howard is too much for them to handle. Magic win by at least ten points. It’s worth noting that despite a minor injury Vince Carter, who always makes his returns to the Air Canada Centre interesting, will try to play today.

Magic- 98 Raptors- 87

Chicago Bulls vs. Miami Heat- This game would be much more interesting if the game was being played in Chicago due in large part of Wade’s undeniable interest in becoming a Bull next season. The matchups in themselves make this one a good game, Chalmers defending Rose and Deng defending Rose seemed to be the most attractive as the game tips off. Though the Heat have a superstar in Wade and Chicago has a superstar in the making of Rose, I’m going to go with the superstar in the making, D-Rose to bring his team into Miami and pull out the victory.

Bulls- 97 Heat- 92

New Orleans Hornets vs. Boston Celtics– The struggling Hornets won’t find an easier game tonight taking on the undefeated Celtics on the road. Boston’s units will be too much for the Hornets to handle and should easily come up on top. Chris Paul has yet to record a steal and hasn’t been putting up the assists like we all expect from CP3.

Celtics- 122 Hornets- 103

Portland Trailblazers vs. Oklahoma City Thunder– The matchup of the night in my mind. The two of the youngest, talented teams face up against one another in a matchup that should be a good one. Go with Kevin Durant and the energetic Thunder team at home in a close battle over the Blazers.

Thunder-95 Trailblazers-90

Memphis Grizzlies vs. Denver Nuggets– Memphis will once again show that they’re a team that has so far been often overlooked. Even at 1-1, the Grizz have came to play each night and have put up a solid battle, look for no different tonight. Denver will pull away with a victory at home.

Nuggets- 108 Grizzlies- 99

Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Phoenix Suns– It’d be interesting to watch rookie Jonny Flynn go up against two time MVP Steve Nash in this battle. Comparing the two, Flynn being much younger and athletic has the advantage, but Nash has that one thing Flynn is working on getting, basketball IQ. It’s safe to say most players in the NBA, don’t understand how to play as much as Steve Nash. Tonight will serve that lesson to Jonny Flynn, one that he’ll hopefully learn from and apply to his own game.

Suns- 131 Timberwolves- 109

Atlanta Hawks vs. Los Angeles Lakers– People keep telling me, don’t sleep on the Hawks, the Hawks have this, they have that. Well, tonight’s a good night to show me something worth considering. Though I value this Hawks team as a playoff lock, I still question their ability to beat good teams consistently. The got their hands full tonight in LA, where Joe Johnson and Kobe Bryant will be going at it. Lakers win this one.

Lakers- 105 Hawks- 94

3 Three Things Worth Noting

  1. 1. Blazers/Thunder most intriguing young matchup in the NBA
  2. 2. The Atlanta Hawks could do the rest of the west a favor defeating the Lakers
  3. 3. Including today’s earlier matchup I currently have a 26-12 record predicting games. The ultimate goal is to have less than 10 losses for a week.

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