November 6th NBA Game Predictions

November 6th NBA Game Predictions

Washington Wizards vs. Indiana Pacers

Wizards- 114 Pacers- 100

Detroit Pistons vs. Orlando Magic

Magic- 104 Pistons-91

New Jersey Nets vs. Philadelphia 76ers

76ers- 106 Nets- 91

Atlanta Hawks vs. Charlotte Bobcats

Hawks- 102 Bobcats- 95

Phoenix Suns vs. Boston Celtics

Celtics- 111 Suns- 105

Denver Nuggets vs. Miami Heat

Nuggets- 102 Heat- 95

Toronto Raptors vs. New Orleans Hornets

Raptors- 104 Hornets- 98

Milwaukee Bucks vs. Minnesota Timberwolves

Bucks- 96 Timberwolves- 93

Cleveland Cavaliers vs. New York Knicks

Knicks- 112 Cavs- 110

Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Houston Rockets

Thunder- 107 Rockets- 102

LA Clippers vs. Golden State Warriors

Clippers- 101 Warriors- 94

Memphis Grizzlies vs. LA Lakers

Lakers- 105 Grizzlies- 88

San Antonio Spurs vs. Portland Trailblazers

Blazers- 108 Spurs- 101

Three Things Worth Noting:

  1. 1. LeBron takes his struggling squad into the place he’ll soon call home
  2. 2. Brandon Jennings & Jonny Flynn embark on what’s to be another great battle through 4 quarters
  3. 3. I went 0-2 last night moving my overall record to 48-22

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