Friday the 13th NBA Edition

Hello to all, hope everyone is enjoying their Friday. After a long week dealing with exams, papers, and other priorities, I’ve found some time to devote myself to the blog. Hopefully you all have enjoyed my NBA game predictions thus far and it seems like each day my accuracy is improving.

Today is a very special day for the OuttaTownClowns being that it’s Friday the 13th. Your Friday the 13th experience couldn’t possibly be complete without an extra special daily dose from the Clowns. After all, aren’t clowns scary? With that I bring you my Top 5 Scary and Not So Scary NBA notes.


  1. Brandon Jennings: Face it folks, it’s not even biased that Jennings tops the list. So far, the kid has exceeded all expectations, the scary part is he hasn’t yet exceeded his own. In fact, I’m not sure Jennings even knows where to draw the line on his expectation level, but that’s great. After nearly becoming the 2nd player in NBA history to have a triple-double in his rookie debut, Jennings has continued to build upon each game. While the well-rounded numbers of 17 points, 9 boards, and 9 assists only last a few hours, Jennings has already had to make some more adjustments to his game. With Bucks star guard Michael Redd, out with a knee injury, Jennings is looked upon to pick up the scoring load. He not only has made the adjustment, but also has proven he’s all ready able to carry the team to victory. With the outstanding play of Andrew Bogut and Brandon Jennings the Milwaukee Bucks are currently first in the Central Division and are 3-0 on their home court.
  2. Carmelo Anthony– Somehow, each year this guy falls into the mid-second round of most drafts, I have a feeling this year was probably the last of that trend. Melo has been unreal so far, nobody in the NBA has dominated the way he has so far this year. Scoring at least 20 each game, Carmelo has already had a back-to-back 40 point nights. Currently he’s averaging 30 points, 7 boards, and 3 assists putting him in line to as a serious candidate for MVP honors, right now he’s my front runner.
  3. Chris Bosh– So you maybe asking yourself, why’d he choose to put Carmelo 2nd on the list while also giving him the “most dominating” title? If you’re asking that question, you have a valid argument with Bosh currently averaging 29 points, 11.5 boards, & 2 assists. Difference is the Raptors are barely at .500 at 4-4 in the East, while the Nuggets are 6-3 sitting a top the Northwest Division. But make no mistake about it, Bosh has been an absolute beast on a nightly basis. Most notable game so far came when he put 35 points and 16 rebounds on 10 for 20 shooting against Dwight Howard and the Orlando Magic. That stat line is impressive regardless to who you’re playing but to do it against the Magic’s front line, wow! Credit where it is due.
  4. Steve Nash– Though I love hating on his defensive effort, I can’t say enough about the man’s loyalty, attitude, and of course his play on the offensive side of the floor. Steve Nash has been absolutely stunning so far, bringing back the memories of his MVP years with the numbers he’s posting so far. He’s lead the Suns to an 8-2 start, which in itself raises tons of eyebrows, but to make matters even more scary, just 10 games into the season, he’s posted two nights of 20 assists to go along with at least 18 points, Nash will continue to keep running like this run on sentence…
  5. LeBron James– It’d be absolutely ludicrous if the best overall player in the game didn’t make my scary list. I mean yes his team struggled coming out of the gate, but right now the Cavs have won 3 straight behind the King. For King James himself, not much has changed. Still posting the same ole’ numbers of 28 points, 7 boards & 7 assists, no biggie.

Not So Scary

  1. New York Knicks– Now I know they’re not great, but I never would’ve thought after 9 games they’d only have 1 stinking win. Things aren’t going quite so well right now in New York and unfortunately the only thing that can make them feel better can’t arrive until next season. That season can’t come calling soon enough. I would like to mention that the Knicks are the only topic in the NBA that can be both scary and not so scary. They’re very scary because the future holds tons of promise being the biggest basketball market come free agency next summer. On an ending note, I pose two questions: 1) Could LeBron’s number change, mean other change? 2) Do the Knicks have a player that currently wears #6? Hmmm…….. I rest my case.
  2. New Orleans Hornets– Peja Stojakovic, Devin Brown, Julian Wright, and Morris Peterson, better be sending apology notes to Byron Scott. Though I’ll admit I haven’t caught a full game of the Hornets this season, looking at the Hornets year’s past, I have a feeling the lack of consistent shooting lead to the Hornets current record. Chris Paul has virtually no help and I can only imagine how frustrating it must be to hit open shooters in stride and having them ALL failing to knock down shots. In conclusion, Head Coach Byron Scott got the boot.
  3. New Jersey Nets– Anyone see a repeating pattern? If you haven’t, I’m not going to ruin it, you can figure it out for yourself. Anyways, the Nets have yet to have won a game, end of story. Yes they are supposed to be this bad and yes they’re playing without their floor leader in Devin Harris. But I wouldn’t of guessed they’d loss their first 8 games of the year. Ouch
  4. Delonte West– What’s this guy’s deal? First he leaves the Cavs dealing with mood swings, then gets pulled over on a motorcycle having 2 rifles in a guitar case with a few handguns. Now he apparently missed the Cavs flight because of a fear of flying. I’m confused, to make it more confusing, I’ve decided to be just as confusing by placing him in the not so scary list, in honor of Delonte West.
  5. Stephen Jackson– Why is he not so scary? Well this past week he said so himself, claiming that he’s portrayed as a bad guy by the media. But wait a second Stephen, weren’t you the player who squared up, untucked your jersey to try to start a fight with the innocent and aged Derrick Coleman during the Pacers-Pistons brawl? Then didn’t you assist Ron Artest in the stands coming out of nowhere swinging at fan trying to pull Artest off the proven innocent fan? Aren’t you also the guy who was cited for shooting your gun off in the air outside a Indianapolis strip club after being struck by a car? Though you’ll always be “Captain Jack” in my heart Stephen for your entertainment, there’s no reason you should be a captain or role model out their on the floor. So please, take a tissue for your issue and look at the past.

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