College Football Week 11

Not the cornucopia of upsets we had last week, but if you thought there was nothing to talk about in college football, then you could not be more wrong. Florida and Alabama held serve and will meet in the SEC Championship game as, in all likelihood, undefeateds. Let’s get to some of the games before turning to the BCS and Heisman races.

Iowa 24, Ohio State 27

I called the Ohio State win, but I did not think it would be so painfully close for the Scarlet and Grey. If not for the special teams hiccup, it might not have gotten so close, but special teams are part of the game and Ohio State’s blunder almost cost them dearly. However, Ohio State pulled it out and can book their plane ticket to Pasadena to play in the Rose Bowl. Who they will play remains cloudy as Oregon is leading the Pac-10 but still has games against Arizona (a very good team) and Oregon State (good and a rival) remaining. Stanford has been extremely impressive, including a rout of USC in Los Angeles, but will need help from Oregon to win the Pac-10. All that stands between them and the Rose Bowl is Cal (a rival) and Notre Dame (talented despite sucking). Oregon State is in the same boat as Stanford in that they need a little help to win it, but instead of needing Oregon to lose, they need Stanford to lose since they still have to play Oregon. Any of these teams could win the Pac-10 and conceivably Arizona is still in the mix too. Crazy race.

Stanford 55, USC 21

One of the most underrated RBs in America

See above paragraph for Pac-10 race info, but Stanford was impressive. I picked them to cover, but never did I think they would score 27 in the 4th quarter to run USC out of their own building. Toby Gerhart might be the best white running back in the NFL since John Riggins. I know it sounds crazy, but he was the last white running back to be really successful in the NFL. Not being racist or anything like that, just making the observation that there have been 0 good white running backs since Riggins. Gerhart is that good though, he is built for the NFL and will be an impact player for a team like, let’s say, Green Bay, Tampa Bay or Buffalo. He is the real deal, keep an eye out for him.

TCU 55, Utah 28

I didn’t need to tell you that TCU was good, but I was trying to tell you just how good they really are and they wentoutand proved it. They are fast, they can run it and throw it, they run adefense that no one really knows how to deal with, and they can get after the QB. What else could you possibly want? They could hang in there with any tea

So awesome

m in the country. ANY. You don’t want to face this team. On top of all that, they are wearing the jerseys that were promoted in this awesome Adrian Peterson commercial. Scary and awesome, just like the Horned Frogs.

It might seem obvious, but I feel the need to say one more time for everyone that the Horned Frog is one of thebest mascots in college football. Intimidating, exotic and regionally relevant. Kudos.

The Rest

Arizona, Miami, and Houston all fell this week, with two of those (Arizona and Houston) just about ousting themselves from conference title races. I called the UNC upset of Miami, but it was not all that surprising given how inconsistent Miami is and how underrated UNC is at home. Pitt, Cincinnati, LSU and BYU all survived scares against inferior opponents. The final verdicts from the games were fairly predictable too. Pitt is good, but not that good as they struggled with a mediocre Notre Dame team. LSU is talented but always struggles at weird times. Cincinnati is not elite, but is very good, and BYU is just another team with good players. Frankly, no one cares too deeply about these teams. Cincinnati is probably the best among them, but we will know when Cincy and Pitt hook up later this year. That one will be for a BCS bid.

BCS Bowl Predictions (My pick in Italics)

BCS Championship Game

Florida (SEC Champ) v. Texas (Big 12 Champ)

Rose Bowl

Ohio State (Big Ten Champ) v. Oregon (Pac-10 Champ)

Orange Bowl

Georgia Tech (ACC Champs) v. LSU (SEC at-large)

Fiesta Bowl

TCU (MWC Champs, BCS at-large) v, Boise State (WAC Champs, BCS at-large)

Sugar Bowl

Alabama (SEC at-large) v. Cincinnati (Big East Champs)

A quick note on these picks. I really hope they have Boise and TCU split up so TCU plays Alabama and Cincinnati or LSU plays Boise, but I have a feeling they will get lumped together. I would like nothing more than to see the other matchups, but the BCS has a way of screwing the public over, so it might just be TCU v Boise. It’s a shame, it really is.

Heisman Race

The perfect name for a Texas QB and the perfect ending to a great college career.

  1. Colt McCoy
  2. Tim Tebow
  3. Mark Ingram
  4. Kellen Moore/ Andy Dalton
  5. Jimmy Clausen

McCoy has really stepped it up lately and has a legitimate shot at this thing this time around. Ingram has the numbers, but I have a feeling that the loss to Florida in the SEC Championship game is going to kill his chances. Tebow and McCoy will get the undefeated bump that Ingram will not, bumping him to third. The guys in 4th are extremely good, but have not gotten the publicity needed to make a real run at the Heisman. Clausen will probably make the trip to New York instead of them simply because of publicity, but it is really a three-horse race.

CLOWN OF THE WEEK: The NFL. The NFL fined Chad OchoCinco $10,000 for offering a referee a one dollar bill in a joking manner and saying, “Come on can I get a call?” That is funny, I don’t care what the NFL says. The NFL needs more guys like Chad, as long as it is happy Chad instead of mopey Chad, which we have seen the last few years.


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