College Football Week 12

The Pac-10 is far from my favorite topic in college football. I hate USC, have no feelings toward most of its teams and the only team I follow in-depth regardless of how it is doing is Oregon. However, they are giving me things to talk about so I will not deny them. To be honest, it was a very boring week east of Arizona this week. The SEC, Big Ten, Big 12, ACC, and MWC are all wrapped up with the Big East’s deciding game upcoming. Those are all the BCS conferences and the MWC for all of you counting. All that remains is the Pac-10 so I have no choice but to discuss them.

Arizona Iced D

There is no D in the logo, why should there be on the field?

There is no D in the logo, so why would there be on the field?

The Arizona Wildcats choked to great effect Saturday night and essentially decimated their chances for a potential matchup with Ohio State. Granted, they have games with rival ASU and a road game at USC remaining, but a win over Oregon would have been such a confidence boost that it would be plausible. Instead, Oregon now only has the Civil War to worry about after Stanford’s loss to Cal. Expect a Duck-Buckeye matchup in Pasadena because the Wildcats would have it no other way. If you give up a TD with under two minutes and the whole field to drive, then you do not deserve a BCS bowl. Sorry, Tucson.

On the other hand, Oregon is easily the team I would most want to watch in Pasadena. You never know what they will wear and you can expect exciting football every time they take the field. I just like to watch them. Ohio State might enjoy watching them a bit less, but it should be a very good matchup. Please keep in mind that Oregon State is no pushover and could very well beat the Ducks, but the Ducks are the clear favorite in the game. I am about Pac-10’d out so let’s look at the BCS picture after Ole Miss’ upset of LSU.

BCS Picture

To see a full picture, refer to THIS PAGE. LSU’s loss opens the door for someone like Iowa to peek into the BCS picture. I am not sure if this is for the best, but I did not really want to see LSU in it anyway. I do not know who the 10th BCS bowl team will be, but we will see after the next few weeks play out. When you have Florida playing FIU and Alabama playing Chattanooga, you cannot blame me for not finding intrigue. That is about all I got for the week, but you know I wouldn’t forget about the Clowns.

CLOWN OF THE WEEK: Chad OchoCinco, Frankly, you could put him here most weeks, but I thought this deserved some pub. Chad took two guys in Pittsburgh to the mall on a shopping spree for driving him there. This all stemmed from a Twitter contest that the two guys won. Very clownish, but actually kind of cool.

KEEP AN EYE ON: Cincinnati-Pittsburgh this upcoming weekend. A BCS bid is up for grabs and Big East supremacy is on the line. Should be a great game.


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