Behind the Books & Back…

So you maybe asking yourself did the Nets really just get there first win? You also might be asking yourself, where the hell has Ross Geiger been covering the NBA?!?!

Well…Long story short, six classes, 18 credit hours, and the life of a student at Marquette have gotten the best of my dedication when it comes to the semester winding down. We’ve all heard the saying, “the books comes before the ball”, well maybe not everyone, but you feel me. But don’t you fellow blog readers worry, just because I haven’t been posting my daily scores and thoughts, I have been keeping up with all my NBA on top of all the books. After all, anyone who knows anything about me knows Mr. NBA can’t live without the game! So let’s catch up people.

Derrick Rose: Sixth rows from the floor at the Bulls at Bucks game last Monday, Rose had me sold. The Derrick Rose as we know him is officially back, the explosiveness and scoring bursts are back. While the Jennings vs. Rose matchup was enticing make no mistake who got revenge, Derrick Rose.

Allen Iverson: Other than New York, there’s no better solution for The Answer himself than Philly. Love the pickup for the struggling 76ers looking for something to go their way. Well have no fear A.I. is here and has a lot to prove to the skeptics. Is he the Iverson of old? Of course not but you’d be a fool with you don’t think Iverson can have an immediate impact on the floor for the Sixers who desperately need another guard after loosing Lou Williams for two months.

Earl Boykins: Just like many NBA players, I often overlook Mr. Boykins. But Boykins’s veteran leadership is not only an X-Factor the Wizards were beggin’ for,  but he also surprisingly helps keep the media off the Wizards chemistry problems with their stars. As far as that situation goes, the odd man out Caron Butler should seek an exit. If his teammates fail to appreciate what he brings on a nightly basis, he’s worthy of a trade to another team. I’d like to make note that a nice destination for Caron Butler would be a homecoming for the Racine, Wisconsin native, Milwaukee. Why not return home and help push the Bucks over the hump.

Ersan Ilyasova: Speaking of Bucks, it’s about time we start discussing the play of Ersan Ilyasova. The 22 year-old currently in his 2nd stint in the NBA looks like his 2nd stint is the real deal. Ilyasova is underrated in all aspects of his game. From his defensive presence, attack on the glass, ability to put the ball on the floor getting to the rim, and of course his shot touch from the perimeter must be recognized. I waited an entire month to make sure it was legit and let me tell you folks, it surely is. Ilyasova not only has replaced Charlie Villanueva in the Bucks lineup, but he offers them much more than CV31 ever would, ever could.

Amare Stoudemire: “Seeking a winner” sorry Suns fans but this one really irritates me. I propose Amare becomes a winner before actively seeking a winner. The STAT man himself has been mediocre at best this season. Amare please wipe the fog off your goggles and see your game logs clearly. That’s all I gotta say.

Bulls/Knicks Trade: All aspects of this trade benefit the New York Knicks and as I fantasy owner of Al Harrington, I’m very concerned. While it’s strange to say this Jerome James is a great reacquisition for the Knicks and to throw the young Tyrus Thomas into the deal makes it that much better. Truthfully, I don’t really see Chicago being a great situation for Harrington, but what do I know, I mean Vinny Del Negro is still somehow their head coach.

Milwaukee Bucks: Bucks fans, Brandon Jennings fans, and anyone whose curious on the Bucks early success, don’t hold your breath. Bill Simmons you’re still wrong, but the Bucks are in a growing world of trouble. Their upcoming schedule is anything but promising. While the Bucks are always up for a good fight and battle for 48 minutes, they’ve shown an early inability to find a way to win down the stretch of games. Jennings must find that same mentality to he found at the beginning of the year even with the new defensive strategies teams have taken on him. Can the Bucks sneak into the playoffs this year? Of course, but they must find a way to finish games strong.

Phoenix Suns: My expertise on the Phoenix Suns has been fading about as fast as Usain Bolt (did I spell that right?). But I do know one thing, the Suns theme song this season will be Katy Perry’s hit song “Hot & Cold”. Live and die by the three pointers, lack of defense, and aging stars Suns fans are in for an always exciting rollercoaster ride of ups and down. But as all Phoenicians know, the Suns won’t get to the Castle rather hitting the Coaster come playoff time.

New Jersey Nets: I’ve told Chris Douglas-Roberts numerous times throughout the week that the Nets would win their first game shortly. While the Nets are a laughing matter and rightfully so, that young bunch plays too hard. I got nothing but respect for those group of guys to hang in there through it all and although they made history, it will make them closer as a team. It’s tough to see my favorite NBA coach, Lawrence Frank fired because it wasn’t his fault. But the Nets made the right move, a move that will ultimately help the team move forward after complete embarrassment.


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