Courtside at the Staples Center

Often times, they say two is better than one; well I’ll be the first to tell you that’s not always necessarily true. New Year’s Eve night I was able to sit courtside at the Staples Center as the Los Angeles Clippers hosted the Philadelphia 76ers for a grand total of $160. Yes that’s right, there’s no typo, while I realize the Clippers aren’t the Lakers, that’s still one heck of a deal considering all the circumstances.

Elton Brand’s first (healthy) return to L.A. to play his former team: Brand was faced with an unwelcoming crowd and everytime he touched the ball, the fans let him know exactly how they feel about him. Having Elton back in town for my first Clippers game really helped me get a taste of the fans that show up on a nightly basis. Much like many struggling teams, it wasn’t a sellout but the majority of the seats were taken and those that did show up ended up covering for those not in attendance when Elton Brand had the ball of course.

Allen Iverson’s first L.A. appearance since rejoining the 76ers: Los Angeles one of entertainment’s finest cities in the world. Anything better than Iverson for entertainment? I think not…

TNT Thursday Televised Game: What’s better than sitting courtside for a nationally televised game for your family and friends to see!

Courtside is Courtside: Not only the best seat in the house but you really get a whole new sense of the game sitting that close. The sounds being number one it gives me chills hearing the body bumps, the floor vibrations, and of course hearing the players/coaches/refs talk throughout the night.


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