Top 8 Teams Interested in Amare Stoudemire

Considered one of the best if not the best power forward in the game today, current Phoenix Suns All-Star starter Amare Stoudemire is once again on the trading block. This time, a deal looks more likely than ever before. A few of my sources close to the situation have informed me that it appears that there’s a 60% chance that Stoudemire will be traded by the deadline.

After an offseason in which Stoudemire was nearly dealt to Golden State in a packaged deal that would’ve sent Stephen Curry to the Suns on draft night, it appeared Stoudemire would be sticking around for the remainder of this season. But signs, sources and clearly NBA experts are saying otherwise; in fact many teams seem very interested in the possibility of acquiring this year’s Western Conference starting all-star center.

Before immediately jumping into the mix of possible deals I’ve heard and a few deals I feel teams should consider, it’s

Amare on the Move?

important to have a fair understanding of the situation the Suns are currently faced with. Stoudemire is signed through next season but has a player option that allows him to become a free agent come summertime. The Suns realize that in all likely hood, Stoudemire will opt out of his final year in which he’d be paid 17 million to test the NBA market to join the most exciting year of free agency the league may ever see. So while the Suns feel they’d like to get something in return before they possibly receive nothing, they’d like to reach a deal before the deadline comes. On the other hand, teams are very hesistant (as the should be) to give up pieces when they’re not sure if Stoudemire would be willing to sign an extension with them.

One things for sure, it’s clear by now that the Suns must start building towards the future. If they believe Amare Stoudemire isn’t the piece they are willing to risk building around then they should try to move him for a young piece to help solve the big puzzle on working towards the future. Even if they keep Stoudemire, there’s no guarantee they’ll even make the playoffs. Suns currently have the 7th seed playoff position but have been on a big skid in their last ten games, winning only three games. Even if the Suns do end up making the Playoffs, they’ll likely face one of the top seeds and be eliminated in round one.

This Amare Stoudemire trade talk heating up once again is a clear indication that the Suns miraculously, finally realize the days of the Eyes on the Prize is over. Let me be the first to welcome Suns fans a safe return from Planet Orange to Planet Earth. Now let’s get to the possible Stoudemire destinations.

Unfortunately for the Suns, they may have waited too long to actively pursue Stoudemire deals and won’t nearly get the same value they may have in the past. Though to be fair to the Suns, Stoudemire’s eye injury last season raised plenty of concerns that did hold up possible trade discussions. So let’s review some of the trade talk that I’ve been hearing and have received word of lately.

Minnesota Timberwolves: While ESPN’s NBA Rumor Central continually states that the Timberwolves are very interested in Amare Stoudemire. I haven’t received any positive signs on the situation. In fact it appears not communication has even been made between the two teams. But do I blame ESPN for the rumor coverage? Absolutely not, the Minnesota Timberwolves are by far the most attractive team to the Phoenix Suns and that at the very least is true. Rumored packages I’ve heard include Jonny Flynn and Kevin Love to Phoenix as well as the idea of trading Ricky Rubio’s draft rights to the Phoenix Suns in a swap. Even hearing the idea of Rubio in a Suns uniform excites me, if that were to happen, I could see Rubio coming over here as early as next year despite what he says now. Being able to learn under Steve Nash would be huge for the young talent. Food for thought, how nice would the rookie of the year competition look next year between John Wall, Blake Griffin, and Ricky Rubio as a Phoenix Sun? Rubio would be my favorite….

Most Realistic Offer: Jonny Flynn & Kevin Love

New Jersey Nets: Let’s face the facts, 10 draft picks over the next 3 drafts including potentially 5 first rounder’s according to I see two trade possibilities either a 3 for 1 or possibly 2 for 1 including a draft pick. While it sounds strange, I don’t see the Nets willing to give up the more significant picks that they’ll receive in the near future. It’s clear which players are on the table and the sources I’ve received some word from told me Phoenix is most interested in Courtney Lee. Other Nets that could potentially could be included in a package include Yi Jianlian, Chris Douglas-Roberts, & Terrence Williams. I also wouldn’t rule out the idea of receiving Tony Battie’s 6.6 million dollar expiring deal. Amare’s risk is who the Nets are able to bring in to surround him this offseason. If the Nets are lucky enough to grab John Wall if they receive the #1 overall selection the Nets immediately become a solid team in the East. Keep in mind that, while the Nets remained one of the top teams interested in Stoudemire, they can also play it safe and try to sign him this offseason if he opts out of his final year with the Suns.

Most Realistic Offer: Yi Jianlian, Courtney Lee & 1st round draft pick (lottery protected).

Chicago Bulls: Anyone who is a serious NBA fan already knows what Chicago will offer in a Stoudemire deal, that is Kirk Hinrich & Tyrus Thomas. Recently, there’s been some speculation that Luol Deng now joins Hinrich & Thomas as guys willing to deal but I have no confirmation on whether there’s any truth to it. Hinrich would provide the Suns a solid point guard that could play big backup minutes for Nash (sorry Dragic does not count even after dropping 32).  Kirk Hinrich is still young enough and proven enough to worry about other positions if Kirk comes on board (with 4 years remaining on contract). Thomas definitely isn’t the piece you’d ideally want to build around but you’d be crazy not to be excited about the young man’s raw potential. Ty Thomas could become a bigger-sized Shawn Marion type player alongside Steve Nash.

Most Realistic Offer: Tyrus Thomas & Kirk Hinrich

Miami Heat: When it comes to the Miami Heat’s interest if a rumored deal doesn’t somehow involve Michael Beasley than it cannot be true. I guarantee any deal with Amare sent to the Heat would mean Beasley to the Suns. Biggest concern is that the Suns aren’t interested in a guy like Beasley who is a definite locker room (work ethic) concern. But if Miami becomes real serious talkers (they aren’t right now, though they have mentioned it) I’d like to see the Suns inquire about Mario Chalmers being included. Chalmers is struggling to find minutes right now and would be a perfect fit in Phoenix. Any deal with Miami might possibly include Udonis Haslem’s 7.1 million coming off the books this season and/or Dorell Wright.

Most Realistic Offer: Udonis Haslem, Michael Beasley, Dorell Wright

Cleveland Cavaliers: Suns have been in contact with Cleveland regarding Amare but nothing is close. Both deals involve both of the Cavaliers centers, Big Z and yes Shaquille O’Neal. By no means would I ever see the Suns bringing back Shaq to save some money so Big Z looks to be the best fit for the trade. With any trade with Cleveland they’d send J.J. Hickson in the deal (a player I wanted included in the Shaq deal last year).

Most Realistic Offer: Zydrunas Ilgauskas & J.J. Hickson

New York Knicks: With Mike D’Antoni as the Knicks head coach, there will always be rumors swarming around the idea of Amare being reunited in NYC. The big hold up on even discussing a deal is that New York desperately wants to include Jared Jeffries in any deal they do with any team, especially when it comes to a guy with a contract like Stoudemire’s. While David Lee would make a great Suns player, he’s an unrestricted free agent next season. Former University of Arizona standout Jordan Hill and Wilson Chandler are the only pieces that interest me and no talks seem imminent with either side in this matter.

Most Realistic Offer: None are even realistic at this point

Golden State Warriors: After what transpired over the course of this year’s draft, I don’t see the Suns willing to make a deal with Golden State. While I’m sure the Suns remain very interested in Stephen Curry and Anthony Randolph, the Golden State Warriors would probably want to move Andris Biedrins as well. Biedrins has been a complete disaster this season and his contract is one I’d avoid at all cost, especially if you’re a NBA owner like Robert Sarver. But if a deal were to happen I’d be very surprised to see Curry included, instead I see Monta Ellis being a more suitable player to deal if the Suns are willing to deal with his contract.

Most Realistic Offer: Andris Biedrins & Monta Ellis

Sacramento Kings: Before you begin reading, I do want to warn you there is no truth or even speculation that the Kings are interested in Stoudemire. But if some fans may remember the Suns and Kings were supposedly interested in considering a deal involving Kevin Martin. Martin has 4 years remaining on his contract and he’s a piece that can be involved in a Stoudemire deal that the Suns are guarantee to have moving forward in the coming years. Yes, he’s always an injury risk and Richardson currently occupies the starting role at shooting guard but it’s an interesting idea. Send Kevin Martin and Kenny Thomas and (here’s the big stretch) Jason Thompson and I’d see the Suns pulling the trigger.

Most Realistic Offer: Kevin Martin & Kenny Thomas

What’s Your Opinion….?



  1. “While ESPN’s NBA Rumor Central continually states that the Timberwolves are very interested in Amare Stoudemire. I haven’t received anything positive words on the situation.” Check Grammer.

    “Anyone who a serious NBA fan.”

    “involved in a Stoudemire deal that the Suns are GUARANTEE to have moving forward in the coming years.” Grammer Check.

    “In fact it appears not communication has even been made”
    “Hinrich would provide the Suns a solid point guard that could play big backup minutes for Nash (sorry Dragic does not count even after dropping 32).” Kirk Hinrich has never scored more than 20 points in a regular season game…

  2. Solid offering. I think some of the “realistic” proposals are bit of a stretch, but many were spot on. The two scenarios I thought were far-fetched included Golden State and Monta Ellis and Minnesota and the entire package.

    There are many reports linking Ellis to a number of destinations. The fact is that Ellis the franchises most popular player and its best. There been a rebuttal column that GS is not interested in trading him.

    Kevin Love is already a very good player. He’s very young, and he’s cheap for the next three years. I don’t think there’s any way the T-wolves trade him for anything but a franchise player, which Amare is not (if he were, Phoenix wouldn’t be shopping him). Flynn is their PG for the foreseeable future. Rubio is not very likely to play for the franchise, so trading Flynn in hopes Rubio comes over isn’t a reasonable option.

    Now, I think both Golden State and Minnesota are likely destinations. I think Golden State would center around Biedrins/Wright/future 1st. It’s a package identical to the “agreed upon” deal that was withdrawn once Curry fell to GS.

    If GS were to substitute Wright and the 1st for Randolph, I think Phoenix jumps at the offer.

    I think Minnesota would construct a package around the rights to Rubio. This package would likely include several expiring contract (Blount and Daniels) and maybe the inclusion of a second prospect like Brewer or Gomes. In their stead, maybe a future conditional 1st. Minnesota would also trade Jefferson for Amare right now, but that’s a contract for a player (Jefferson) Sarver would not want to take on (similar logic on Kevin Martin).

    Your New Jersey package intrigues me. If the Suns could do one of three things, I think it has very good potential.

    1. Net Chris Douglas-Roberts over Courtney Lee
    2. Have the Nets include an additional future 1st (varying levels of lottery protection)
    3. Swap out Jianlian and the 1sts for Devin Harris.

    The first two are realistic and should be explored. The third has strong potential to happen this offseason, should Phoenix keep Amare til then (and do a sign-n-trade) and should NJ land the #1 overall pick and net John Wall. This move would essentially swap out Harris’ contract for Amare’s, leaving New Jersey over 30 million in CAP space to go after LeBron and Wade or Joe Johnson.

    I would trade Amare to New Jersey for Jianlian, Douglas-Roberts and the rights to Dallas’ 2010 1st (24th overall currently, and owned by NJ via Kidd/Harris trade).

    I would trade Amare to Cleveland for Ilgauskus/Hickson/Cleveland 2010 1st (30th overall). (reportedly no interest by Cleveland)

    I would trade Amare to Golden State for Biedrins/Randolph.

    I would trade Amare to Minnesota for Rubio/Brewer/Blount/Wilkins or Rubio/Blount/Daniels/rights to Charlotte’s 2010 1st (16th overall currently, and owned by Minnesota).

    I would trade Amare to New York for Jeffries/Hill/Chandler/2010 2nd (39th overall).

    I would trade Amare to Sacramento for Thompson/Thomas/Greene.

    I would trade Amare to Miami for Beasley/Haslem/Wright.

    I would not trade Amare to any team where the returning player has a large, lengthy contract and is not a likely future All-Star or a current All-Star. This eliminates contracts of like Kirk Hinrich, Kevin Martin, Al Jefferson…

    – JMarkJohns, NBA Forum Moderator,

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