Fantasy Hoop Scoop

Perhaps a little later than anticipated, but OuttaTownClowns Fantasy section is finally up and running. In our first

His absence will kill the Hornets, but your fantasy team stands to gain.

installment, let’s take a look around for some quality pick ups and guys to sell high on.


Darren Collison (NO- PG)

Ok, so maybe he isn’t a really unexpected pick-up, but with Chris Paul indefinitely sidelined and Devin Brown now a Bull, someone is going to have to score at guard for the Hornets. Some of this load will fall to Marcus Thornton who has averaged 17.8 ppg over his last 4 games, all of which he has started, but apart from points and FT%, he will not do a ton for you in a rotisserie format. This is why we turn to Collison rather than Thornton, because to go along with a boost in scoring average, Collison figures to bump his assists up to the 6-7 range. To the big time basketball fan this is a more obvious pick up, but if you do not count yourself among the fantasy basketball savvy, grab Collison and look smart.

Carlos Delfino (Mil- SG)

Carlos has been red hot in January, scoring more than John Terry off the pitch (if you don’t get the soccer reference, click here) and accompanying that with move than solid rebound, assist, 3-point, and percentage numbers. He has been a stud and with Michael Redd out once again his playing time is not going anywhere. Carlos tends to be a bit streaky so it is very possible this is going to average out, but I would put my money on him averaging 14 ppg the rest of the way in with more than serviceable roto numbers all around. Delfino is thought of as a spot shooter, but he can put the ball on the floor and create a shot, which means his numbers are a bit more recession-proof so to speak. Not to mention it gives you a chance to watch his fairly mediocre, yet somehow funny highlight reel to the song “Ya Trick, Ya!” by Soulja Boy. Even if you don’t pick him up, the video is below.

Arron Afflalo (Den- SG)

He will not give you 20 a night, nor will he really wow you, but he has outstanding PG play around him in Billups and Lawson, and fills up just about every roto stat. Think of him as a less defensively minded Shane Battier for fantasy purposes. He is not Battier, but he will pile up a good number of steals, shoot great percentages, not turn it over, and contribute night-in, night-out. He isn’t the flashiest name, but he is in a position to succeed. If Carmelo misses a game, he picks up the scoring a little, if Chauncey misses time, his playing time will increase a little and might get a few extra dimes, and with JR Smith seemingly always in flux with health and his security with being a sixth man, Afflalo is in a very good spot to keep putting up extremely helpful numbers.

Brandon Rush (Ind- SG)

Is this just another stretch of good games, or a sign of things to come? I have no clue. As a Pacers fan, I really hope so, but you cannot help but be skeptical. I would be willing to take the risk on him given the upside, but he might just flame out like before. Hell, I have no idea what he will do, but I want him to succeed and I feel like he will. Take a chance on him and if you regret it, you can blame me, but I like his chances with Troy Murphy probably heading out of town and the Pacers possibly starting Granger full-time at the 4.

Brendan Haywood (Was- C)

With Butler and/or Jamison likely on the move, opportunity presents itself in the form of Haywood. He is probably undervalued by the guy who has him, and he is among the more consistent non-superstars you can ask for. Boards and blocks will stay up and he might see an uptick in points as well. Outside shot his blocks increase as a result of someone not named Caron Butler letting guys into the paint more easily. I would trade Shawn Marion for him right now simply

This is not the guard you're looking for. The guy named Vince on your team more resembles a geriatric schmo.

because of Haywood’s situation and upside mixed with consistency.

Sell While You Can

Vince Carter (Orl- SG)

Why will you be able to trade a guy who is shooting 38% for 18 ppg and not a lot else? Because the name Vince Carter still carries some clout. The Magic are probably better with Pietrus or Redick on the floor, but Stan Van Jeremy will not bench him. Still, you can get value for the name Vince Carter even if he is not the Vince he once was. You can probably get above real value for him even though he is not playing well. Add on top of this that he absolutely tanked the 2nd half of last year and you want to avoid this guy like the plague. Trade ASAP.

Andrew Bynum (LAL- C)

I am firmly in the Bynum-ite camp. I like him as a player and a player who will continue to grow, but just for this year, sell Bynum. When Pau gets back he will struggle to keep his numbers up and it just feels like the Lakers match up better with most Western teams with Lamar Odom guarding the 4 rather than going twin towers with Pau and Bynum. Bynum is still ranked in the top 30 of my Yahoo league, so I assume you can get pretty good value for him too. Injury to Bynum is a definite possibility as well, so even more incentive to move him.

We have not had a Clown of the Week in a while, but when a Brandon Jennings Flow falls in your lap, it has to get some recognition. Enjoy the stylings of Black Diamond.



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