Amare Stoudemire Trade Update 4.0

As Marc Stein of reported earlier this afternoon, the Heat have in fact drastically improved their offer to out bid Cleveland for Amare Stoudemire. I’ve been informed by one of my sources that Miami’s new offer (which came late last night) includes Michael Beasley, their 2010 first round pick, and  Quentin Richardson for Amare Stoudemire. The Suns have counter offered asking for two 2010 1st round picks* (Heat’s own & Heat’s via Toronto) along with Michael Beasley and Udonis Haslem instead of Quentin Richardson(due to amount left on expiring contract). That’s where the current deal stands as we speak as negotiations will continue throughout the rest of the day. Another source of mine, has chimed in saying that if the Suns were to agree upon this deal, they’d immediately try to find a suitor for Michael Beasley before deadline. The Suns organization has minimal interest in adding Beasley to their future plans but clearly Beasley is the Heat’s most valuable assest (outside of Wade & expiring contracts).

The Suns have little to no interest in Beasley being part of future plans

Putting together the bits and pieces I’ve been given from a number of sources, I’d say Miami has in fact made an offer that beats Cleveland’s offer, which is also still alive. As I broke the news last night, Cleveland has offered the Suns J.J. Hickson, Danny Green, Zydrunas Ilgauskas, 1.7 million in cash to offset Big Z’s trade kicker, with the holdup being the Suns request for the Cavs to also include their 2010 first round pick as well.

The Suns have a lot of deciding to do in the next couple days and for now the Suns patience seems to be working. Both Miami and Cleveland have upped their offers in an effort to compliment their superstars (Wade & James) and the Suns are in fact closing in on an two offers that may just be enough for the Suns to finally part ways with Stoudemire.

Side Notes:

One of the Heat's offered picks to the Suns comes from the O'Neal deal

*Miami’s holds two 2010 1st round picks including their own for this year as well as Toronto’s (which came in the Jermaine O’Neal deal). The Heat’s 2010 pick from Toronto is lottery protected.

-Heat’s pick is projected to be in the 20’s while Toronto’s pick is projected to be in the high teens (15-19).

That’s the lastest here from the OuttaTownClowns, be sure to follow me on Twitter (@RossGeiger) for instant updates regarding the situation.


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