Deadline Drama

The Trade Deadline passed today and Amare Stoudemire has been traded to… no one. Yeah, the most talked about trade piece stayed in the desert of the sun, at least until the end of the season, but there were plenty of other moves that went down before the deadline that should have an immediate impact on teams. I will be more than happy to give information on the actual trades, but far more important is the effect each team feels from the flow in and and flow out of players.

The Winners

The Rockets

IN: Kevin Martin, Jared Jeffries, Jordan Hill, Hilton Armstrong, 2011 draft swap rights with the Knicks (as long as it is not #1), and New York’s 2012 1st round pick.

OUT: Tracy McGrady, Carl Landry, Joey Dorsey

I cannot believe the deal the Rockets got. Firstly, they replaced $22,000,000 in contracts that was sitting at home with a guy who can score the ball unlike most of the players on their team in Kevin Martin, a young guy with upside in Jordan Hill, a big man, albeit not a good one, in Armstrong, and a quality defender in Jeffries. Granted, Jeffries contract makes the Merrill Lynch bonuses look not-so-bad, but he is a quality defender who is just getting overpaid a bit. This is already a very good deal for the Rockets. Now add on top of all this that they get the Knicks pick, a pick that will probably fall in the top 10, and it is a great deal for the Rockets.

They did pay a price in losing Carl Landry, a guy who will be in the top 3 for 6th man of the year, but he is still a 6th man. For the first guy off the bench, the Rockets got an outstanding scorer who is young, and a few other decent pieces. The throw-in of Joey Dorsey did not hurt either, but they just turned dead money in McGrady into very functional players who give the Rockets a shot to knock anyone off in the playoffs, Lakers included.

The Mavericks

A knockout of a trade

IN: Brendan Haywood, Caron Butler, DeShawn Stevenson

OUT: Josh Howard, James Singleton, Drew Gooden, Quinton Ross

They add toughness right away with the additions of Butler and Haywood, it takes pressure off Shawn Marion to try to defend the best player every night, and they get a real defensive upgrade at center with Haywood. They do lose Josh Howard, but you got the sense his time in Dallas was up anyway. His playing time was down with his numbers, and the things he has been able to do lately are more than filled by Caron Butler.

Expect even more than normal out of Butler as he finally gets out of DC and has a lot of pressure taken off him. It had been on him and Jamison to essentially carry the Wiz and his shooting percentage was showing it. His new team does not need him to score in bunches, just to score when needed. Great deal for the Mavericks and they did not have to give up too much to get it. The only even possible downside would be Gooden’s departure, but Haywood more than makes up for what Gooden brought to the floor for the Mavs.

Cleveland Cavaliers

IN: Antawn Jamison, Sebastian Telfair

OUT: 1st round pick (to Wizards)

BE RIGHT BACK: Zydrunas Ilgauskas

Steal. Jamison is exactly what the Cavs needed in a mobile 4 who isn’t one of the worst defenders (for his contract) in the league like Troy Murphy. Stoudemire is still the better player, but the Cavs were even able to hold onto J.J. Hickson here, a veritable coup d’grace considering he is one of their few really valuable, yet movable, assets to other teams. Jamison can play outside, inside, and has a mid-range game as well and you don’t have to run plays for him because he can get most of his 20-9 average without set plays. He was probably the best fits for the Cavs all along from a basketball standpoint, but Amare certainly would have made it harder for the King to abandon his throne. All they gave up was a pick in the late 20s or low 30s and a guy who will resign with Cleveland the second he completes his buyout with the Wizards. Sebastian Telfair is a nice piece too, but he is currently injured and will probably not have a huge impact this year. Well done Cleveland.

Lesser Winners

The Bucks

IN: John Salmons, Royal Ivey, Primoz Brezec

OUT: Hakim Warrick, Joe Alexander, Jodie Meeks, Francisco Elson

The Bucks do not look like huge winners in these deals, but they really improved their team. It appeared to me, a common attendee at Bucks games, that Warrick had gotten stuck in Skiles’ doghouse and was not getting nearly the time a player of his ability normally would. The Bucks were more than ready to stick with Ersan Ilyasova at Power Forward and use Luc Richard Mbah a Moute when they needed to shut down an offensive star. The result was less time for Warrick whose defense had not really been all that great all year (something important to Skiles), and whose offense had come in spurts. Skiles’ benching of Warrick is not necessarily based on the above, but it makes a lot of sense if it is the case.

The Bucks also managed to find a way to get rid of Joe Alexander, something that both parties are thrilled about. Joe wanted a trade, and the Bucks wanted to forget they picked him over Brook Lopez, Anthony Randolph, Jason Thompson, JJ HIckson, and Brandon Rush. Otherwise, the losses of Meeks and Elson will barely be felt as neither was playing much and while Meeks has potential as a shooter, it is safe to say there will be little to no growth out of Elson.

Salmons is not elite, but is a definite upgrade over Charlie Bell or Carlos Delfino, depending on which goes to the bench (probably Bell). He can score, which is something the Bucks desperately need, and is a pretty good defender, which the Bucks have made a living off of this season. Well done John Hammond, and while the Pacers fan in me regrets you did not take Troy Murphy, you did well not to.

Portland Trail Blazers

IN: Marcus Camby

OUT: Steve Blake and Travis Outlaw

I would put this with the big winners, but with Camby’s history of injury, and the Trail Blazers history of injury, it is almost too obvious to have to say. However, they are still winners on two accounts. If he stays healthy it was a great move and a move that could even potentially help Greg Oden develop as a player. If he does get hurt, they did not give up much of anything for him, it clears time for Jerryd Bayless at PG behind Andre Miller, and deals an injured player

Clippers GM and Benevolent Player Donator Mike Dunleavy

who will not be back this year in Travis Outlaw. In fact, it is about so one-sided that I am not sure if I even have to tell you who traded Camby to Portland. Do you want to know? Guess. Ok, here’s a hint. He even looks incompetent. I am afraid of writing his name in the column lest we get the same curse the Clips have. Picture to right.

Memphis Grizzlies

IN: Ronnie Brewer

OUT: Future 1st round pick (to Utah)

Yeah, I like it. Not a big deal really, but the Grizz really need a solid guy who can come off the bench, play defense, and not do anything dumb on a team full of egos. That is what Ronnie Brewer is. Good move by the Grizzlies.

The No Difference

The Knicks

IN: Tracy McGrady, Sergio Rodriguez, Brian Cardinal, Eddie House, J.R. Giddens, Bill Walker

The Swag is gone

OUT: Larry Hughes, Darko Milicic, Jordan Hill, Jared Jeffries, Nate Robinson, Player to be named later

I guess I could categorize them as winners for finding someone to take Jared Jeffries’ contract, but when you add someone who gets injured more often than flopping soccer players, someone who has not been relevant for decades and a fairly decent PG who you really only wanted for his contract, it is hard to call it a win. I guess Donnie Walsh accomplished his goals, but it is hard to justify calling someone a winner, when the players involved have absolutely nothing to do with the attempting to win. These players were acquired because their contracts either end next year or to fill out a trade so that more contracts can be acquired. Most of these guys will not be Knicks next year so it cannot be called a big win.

The Bobcats

IN: Tyrus Thomas

OUT: Flip Murray, Acie Law, Protected 1st Round Pick

Ok, not a bad add, but how much of a difference does it really make? Murray was replaceable, Law did not play much as it was, and Tyrus Thomas has never really gotten things together. I also think that Tyrus Thomas and Larry Brown will not hit it off very well.,Either that or a change of scenery will set Thomas on the rigth path and he will stop throwing tantrums in the coach’s office. Yeah, I would bet on the first one too.

The Losers

The Kings

IN: Carl Landry, Joey Dorsey, Larry Hughes,

OUT: Kevin Martin, Sergio Rodriguez, Hilton Armstrong

Sending the message that it is Tyreke Evans’ team is one thing, but this is entirely different. They lost their best pure scorer, added Larry Hughes, and were essentially after Carl Landry for Kevin Martin. I understand the Kings saved money, but they did so at the expense of their franchise. They couldn’t even get a draft pick out of this? I do not know what the Kings are doing right now other than sending the unnecessary signal that it is Tyreke’s team. The Kings were looking like fools with their pants on the ground on this one.

That is all for now, and obviously we will know more as we see the results on the floor, but until then all there is to do is sit back and enjoy the NBA action. Remember to follow us on @outtatownclowns for all the latest!



    1. Dear Nicholas,
      The Bulls trades were meant to clear cap space and while that is certainly a part of the NBA, they were not making basketball moves. For example, we could have categorized the Knicks day as a big win because they cleared space, but it was graded much lower because we cannot speculate accurately about who will be where next summer.

      Thank you for the message, and keep it right here on OTC.
      BM TB SaNF MC

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