Cactus League: Rangers vs. Cubs

Tuesday March 16th

Rangers- Julio Borbon and Elvis Andrus struggled to get much going, but that was true of most of the offense for most of the game. Kinsler, Young and Vlad all did not play, so no worries in Arlington. Young gun Justin Smoak provided the only real bang for the Rangers, but it was a welcome bang for their young slugger. He may make the team, but for now it is looking like more time in the minors. Neftali Feliz did not impress as a starter either. He hammered the strike zone, but perhaps a little too much as he gave up 5 hits and 3 runs in just 3 innings. Feliz’s fastball was getting hit, and he could not get his breaking stuff over for strikes and it ultimately meant his demise. CJ Wilson, on the other hand, was lights out. Almost no one touched anything he threw and he worked quickly, not letting innings drag on. If it was all decided on tonight, Wilson would be the 5th starter. Very impressive.

Cubs- Not a ton to say here as far as prospects. Xavier Nady looked healthy, which is good since I do not think Cubs fans want to deal with Kosuke Fukudome for a full year. Carlos Silva also looked good, but we all know that he looks good one day and looks abjectly horrible . However, today was a very good day for Silva. As a side note, there was a cemetery across the street from the complex (true) where the Cubs hopes get buried every year (maybe true).


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