Cactus League: Indians vs. Reds

March 17th (Night game)

Indians- Outstanding showing by Fausto Carmona. After a double to leadoff man Drew Stubbs and the consequent Brandon Phillips RBI single Carmona did not allow a hit. Tons of groundballs (his specialty), pounding the strike zone, good command, just about everything a Tribe fan (like myself) could ask for. He did not look like the Cy Young contender of 2007, but he looked really really good. Matt LaPorta and Shin-Soo Choo raked as well, impressing in just about every way each needed to. Beau Mills (another somewhat failed prospect) hit one about 410 feet to right, and Carlos Santana looked disciplined at the plate drawing a couple walks. Almost everything went well for the Tribe tonight, Manny Acta will sleep soundly.

Reds- Bronson Arroyo looked like Bronson Arroyo. At times electric, at times all too hittable, and for most of the game fairly decent. However, he was charged for 5 ER and was chased early following a magnificent 2 out rally by the Tribe. None of the other Reds pitchers really showed anything either, so not a ton to rave about. None of the hitters really impressed either. Really just an unimpressive performance by the Reds.

Is it possible there is some bias from me since I am an Indians fan? No, it is a certainty that there is bias, but 8-2 tells the story pretty well.


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