NFL Draft- Rounds 2-7


It would be crazy to cover this pick by pick. No, it would be straitjacket wearing, hallucination inducing, downright insanity. We will instead look at some of the more interesting picks from the second and third days of the NFL Draft. In addition, we will look at the winners and losers (on paper) of this draft as we look at who really made strides during this most important three day stretch of mid-spring NFL action.

Please note that there are plenty of notable players here, just not all of them can be included with analysis. We are just going to touch on the players who could be impact guys right off the bat.

2nd Round

3. Tampa Bay BuccaneersBrian Price, DT, UCLA

Any questions about where the Buccaneers are focused? McCoy in the first round, Price in the second? I like it! That middle should be fearsome for years to come if they both pan out, as many expect them to.

7. Baltimore RavensSergio Kindle, OLB, Texas

Many had him higher, but he should step into a good situation for him at blitz-happy Baltimore.

16. Carolina Panthers- Jimmy Clausen, QB, Notre Dame

A good pick. Not a game-changing pick, but a very good pick.

About time. Carolina should be giddy about this since they did not even have a 1st round pick. I do not think Clausen will be a Pro Bowl guy, but this helps out my cimparison form earlier with pre-spleen-rupture Chris Simms. He can make the big throws, but most of all he will manage the game, still give the defense something to think about, and be helped by a very good running game and offensive line. Jimmy may have had to wait, but he should be thrilled with his situation. Great running game, very good offensive line, Steve Smith, stability. What else could he ask for?

17. San Francisco 49ers- Taylor Mays, S, USC

6’3″, 230 lbs, 4.25 40 yard dash. There are no doubts about his physical ability, but it has not shown up on the field consistently for Mays. If Mike Singletary can get him focused only on football and not on Pete Carroll, as he waxed after beign drafted, then I like his chances of helping out the 49ers secondary.

22. Cincinnati Bengals- Carlos Dunlap, DE, Florida

We skipped over Toby Gerhart and Javier Arenas to get here so you know I like it. He definitely has some consistency issues, but the Benglas seem more than happy to take guys like that on (Andre Smith comes to mind from last year). They were set on defense aside from the DE position and Dunlap has 1st round ability even if he does not constantly show it. I really like the pick.

25. Baltimore Ravens- Terrence Cody, DT, Alabama

Weight is a concern, but if you need any info on Mt. Cody, I would click here. Cody + Haloti Ngata is scary. The Ravens should only be allowed 10 men on the field while they are both on it.

28. Seattle Seahawks- Golden Tate, WR< Notre Dame

I like him to be like a cross between Anquan Boldin and Steve Smith, so you know I like him. Not the perfect situation, but certainly not a bad one.

31. Indianapolis Colts- Pat Angerer, LB, Iowa

When you hear the guy getting compared to Zach Thomas, you have got to be happy as a Colts fan. He fits the mold of small, but knows the game, and high character. He should step in right away and help out a unit that performs well but without much in the way of recognizable names.

3rd Round

20. Cincinnati Bengals- Jordan Shipley, WR, Texas

The former college roommates and passing combo will both be going to Ohio.

People have compared him to Wes Welker, and while I am not a fan of comparing anyone to Welker (too hard to project a player’s “thorn-in-the-side” abilities. He certainly looks like him, but I do not think he will be quite THAT good.

21. Cleveland Browns- Colt McCoy, QB, Texas

I am not sure how good Colt McCoy will be as a pro, but I am absolutely sure that Mike Holmgren is wanted for robbery. People were saying that the Browns were going to trade up into the top of the 2nd round for McCoy and instead they get him late in the 3rd? Well done, Mr. Holmgren. Regardless of if he is the QB of the future in the long term, this was a great pick.

4th Round

14. New York Jets- Joe McKnight, RB, USC

This made a lot more sense after the Jets dealt Leon Washington to the Seahawks today as it opened up room for McKnight to learn from LaDanian Tomlinson and prove that he is as good as they say. He has been inconsistent, like many USC guys, but at this point, it is a very good pick for the Jets.

26. Carolina Panthers- Eric Norwood, LB, South Carolina

Local kid, non-stop production, and a gamer. Having seen Norwood play, he definitely goes into the category of “throw out the numbers and just watch him play”. He will be all over the place making plays for a decent unit that could perhaps use an infusion of youth alongside Jon Beason.

6th Round

31. Philadelphia Eagles- Charles Scott, RB, LSU

The Eagles need a pounder, even though they have Leonard Weaver, and they get one in Charles Scott. He does not fit Reid’s system perfectly as far as raw production, but he definitely can fill a role on this young but still outstanding team.

38. Tennessee Titans- Myron Rolle, S, Florida State

I do not care what he does on the field. He is a Rhodes Scholar who spent the last year in England studying medicine. Whether or not he does anything on the field, he is worth mentioning and rooting for.

7th Round

2. Buffalo Bills- Levi Brown, QB, Troy

Do not sleep on him. As crazy as it sounds, I would not bet against him making a start this season.

Alright, that is your brief Draft Wrap-Up. If you want any more, I would suggest looking up the guys in your team individually. Time for the winners and losers of the Draft.


San Francisco 49ers- I will grade just about any team a winner that takes 2 offensive lineman in the first 17 picks. Gotta love Mike Singletary football. But it did not end there, as they added Taylor Mays in the secondary, and Navarro Bowman at OLB. This is a team that has a plan and knows what it wants to do. If Alex Smith fails, disregard these last few sentences.

Cincinnati Bengals- They addressed their needs and should be co-favorites with the Ravens to win the AFC North. Gresham was a good add, Carlos Dunlap was a good add, and Jordan Shipley was as well. They really did not make any obvious mistakes anywhere and really did a lot to improve their team. I also really like the name Roderick Muckelroy.

Seattle Seahawks- Great job by Carroll during and after the draft. Earl Thomas is a very good pick, Russell Okung is as well, and the trades for Leon Washington and Lendale White did a lot to address another probelm the Seahawks had. I was skeptical of Carroll but he has done an outstanding job so far. Anthony McCoy in the late rounds coudl prove to be a prescient add as well.

Indianapolis Colts- They are somewhat of a mixed winner, but I will list them here if only for the quality of their picks. They took 6 of their 8 picks on defense (3 LB, 2 CB, 1 DT) and did well with Hughes and Angerer. They did draft a guard later (Jacques McClendon, OG, Tennessee) but did not address their issues at Tackle. As a Colts fan, I trust Polian, but I wish they had taken someone to at least ease worries.

Detroit Lions- Suh was a lock, but Jahvid Best was outstanding as well and this team could surprise some people. They are not a playoff team, but they could sneak up on some people.

Frankly, there were a lot of winners, as Carolina, and Tampa bay can both be added to this list as well. There were not many losers, but there was one in particular that stuck out to me.


Buffalo Bills- This mostly revolves around the Spiller pick, but the Bills did not address their need at QB and did not do enough to address problems on the offensive line. Spiller was a flashy pick, but not the right pick as the Bills will not get any better through this draft. Just as an example. ESPN had their needs listed as QB, OT, and NT. They did not take care of the first two at the times they needed. I like Levi Brown, but they had a chance to do better.


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