4/29/10 NBA Playoff Predictions

Dallas Mavericks at San Antonio Spurs- 8 ET TNT

These three must lead the charge with their backs against the wall in San Antonio

In their two game trip out to San Antonio to play games 3 and 4, the Dallas Mavericks failed to come through with a road victory. Coming off a home victory in Game 5, staying safe from elimination, the Mavericks have their backs up against the wall traveling into the Spurs country. There’s a strong chance that even before the game tips off, Mavericks owner Mark Cuban won’t have any fingernails left on his hands. This nerve racking Game 6 will be the game of the night as both the Mavericks and the Spurs pose a threats that could head deep into the playoffs.

Both Manu & Timmy will be refreshed for Game 6

Rest assured, Tim Duncan will elevate his game and chomping at the bit to finish off Dirk Nowitzki and the rest of his rival opponents. I can also assure you Caron Butler will not go off for 35 points and 11 rebounds again in Game 6. With Ginobili only clocking 18 minutes in Game 5, the Spurs in a sense are well rested and should be well prepared. It’s almost as if they were okay we allowing the Mavericks to have the Game 5 win and planned to take care of the Mavericks back in San Antonio. I see a change of plans in the forecast; the Spurs won’t execute the organized plan to win Game 6. I predicted the Mavericks to go to NBA Finals this year and I’m going to stand by it with the Mavericks tying up the series.

Mavericks- 106 Spurs- 98

Phoenix Suns at Portland Trail Blazers- 10:30 ET TNT

You know Channing's brought his whole repertoire when he throws down a monster dunk like he did in Game 5

As an NBA fan you always got to give it up to the Phoenix Suns. They always try to keep games interesting. Game 6 should be no different, the Blazers will keep their hopes alive with a huge win at home. My reasoning behind that starts with the Blazers bench and ends with the Suns bench (literally). In Game 5, both Channing Frye and Jared Dudley were spectacular combining for 13-21 shooting, connecting on 8 of just 14 attempted three balls, both perfect from the free throw stripe with 10 boards and contributing 39 of the Suns 55 bench points. That my friends, won’t happen inside the Rose Garden! With that being said, it’s not out of the question that the Suns starters can make up for some of the lack of production off the bench but Frye and Dudley were the key difference makers in the Suns Game 5 success.

On the flipside, the Blazer bench was nonexistent in Game 5 and that includes my guy Martell Webster. I see the injured Brandon Roy largely effecting the outcome of Game 6, Roy always finds a way to play well on his homecourt. Rudy Fernandez must be more aggressive on offense, I can’t even understand how he only took one shot in fifteen minutes, is that even possible? Can you really be a shooting guard and only attempt one shot when playing and being defended by the Phoenix Suns? Seems impossible to me.

Do YOU believe Bayless could soon be in a Phoenix Suns jersey?

My final thought is in regards to Jerryd Bayless, it’s safe to say Jerryd’s probably receiving tons of text messages and phone calls from his Phoenix connects talking about the Suns. Though he’s far from the team’s leader or best player for that matter, Bayless is good enough for me to be confident in saying he won’t allow his team to go out like this at home. At the very least, he’ll help keep them alive and force a Game 7 in Phoenix. Many may think I’m giving the kid way to much credit than he really deserves. But it’s hard to argue against Jerryd Bayless’s performances against the Phoenix Suns. He really does bring it each and every night, coming out with a little more aggressiveness as if he has something to prove. In many ways, he definitely has a lot to prove. He’s got one more year remaining on his contract and I’m sure he’d be interested in signing his first veteran’s deal with the Phoenix Suns if the price is right. By this point in his career the Suns will have a pretty clear evaluation of his potential and his league value, while Suns fans can only pray the Suns organization also realizes Goran Dragic is not the answer to Steve Nash’s predecessor (nor is Bayless but he honestly is a better overall player than Dragic). But in the meantime, Bayless and the Blazers force a Game 7 in Phoenix “for all the marbles” as the Suns legendary broadcaster Al McCoy used to say.

Blazers- 110 Suns- 101


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