5/6/10 NBA Playoffs Game Prediction

Atlanta Hawks at Orlando Magic- 8 ET ESPN

I warned you of the matchup nightmare in my Game 1 preview post, but never would I of guessed a 43-point victory for the Orlando Magic. I don’t care how many matchup problems there are out there on the floor; you shouldn’t ever be embarrassed to that extent. All I can say right now is that the Hawks are giving Joe Johnson every reason of why he shouldn’t even think about staying in Atlanta this summer.

Fortunately I didn’t decide to tune into this one, instead choosing to use my time wisely, but even without tuning in, I can tell you how the Hawks must improve heading into Game 2. Here’s three obvious keys:

  1. These These Amigos Didn't Make a 3 point Attempt in Game 1

    Put the ball in the basket: The Hawks epically failed to this in Game 1, shooting 34 percent (28-81) for the game as team! Even more surprising, the Hawks went 2-13 behind the three point line and the two threes they did connect on came courtesy of rookie Jeff Teague, yes Jeff Teague! I can’t imagine watching 48 minutes of basketball and not seeing a three point attempt from Joe Johnson, Mike Bibby, or Jamal Crawford fall through the net.

  2. Take care of the ball: If you were to take away team and player names and just observed the stats, you would think you were taking a look at a grade school stat sheet. The Atlanta Hawks committed 15 turnovers and only recorded 12 total assists. More turnovers than assists, there’s really not much else to say.
  3. Step Up!: Hawks must call out Mike Bibby, Jamal Crawford, and “All Star*” Al Horford (in quotation marks for a reason). Combined the three shot 3-23 for a whopping total contribution of 9 points.

Along with this three important factors for the Hawks to even stand a chance, you have to give some kudos to the Orlando Magic as well. Having been sitting around waiting to begin the 2nd Round after sweeping the Charlotte Bobcats, they came prepared for Game 1. Rest assured, the Hawks won’t get embarrassed again tonight, but the game will have the same outcome, another Hawks loss.

Magic- 108 Hawks- 94

Maybe the Hawks should get back to being a little more touchy, feeley? Would that help?


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