5/7/10 NBA Playoff Predictions

Cleveland Cavaliers at Boston Celtics- 7 ET ESPN

The Garden will be painted green tonight!

The only second round series that heads into a Game 3 with both teams tied with one win a piece, this game serves as the game of the night. With the Celtics able to pull out a key victory on the road, the pressure is now on LeBron James and the Cavaliers to steal one in Boston, easier said then done.

Tonight is a must win for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Before you call that statement a stretch, hear me out. A Celtics win in Game 3, enables them to continue to roll off the momentum gained in Game 2. From there, the Celtics would head into Game 4 very well knowing that they could pretty much put the nail in the coffin with a win, which would give them a commanding 3-1 series lead going back to Cleveland for Game 5. Bottom line is the Boston Celtics must win all of their home games in order to win this series. I’d be very surprised to see them pull off any more wins inside the Quicken Loans Arena in the series. So in other words, if the Cavs can just earn one win on the road in Boston, they win the series.

No stopping 'Bron 'Bron tonight...Expect him to put up 40+

As always the Cavaliers will be led behind the play of LeBron James. Coming off a disappointing Game 2 loss, I see the Cavaliers  prevailing in Game 3 over the Boston Celtics despite the Celtics having momentum. Tonight, expect LeBron to go off for 40 points at the very least. King James knows what’s at stake with a loss in Game 3 and he’ll refuse to let it happen, even if he has to do so far, far away from his castle. Cavs win behind a spectacular night from LeBron James.

Cavaliers- 104 Celtics- 99

Can Mo Williams once again leave Coach Mike Brown speechless at the podium?

Phoenix Suns at San Antonio Spurs- 9:30 ET ESPN

Ahh the good ole days of being a Suns fan

The Phoenix Suns have been very impressive to say the least, can they continue to prove me wrong again in Game 3? I can tell you they’ll have their chance. While I fully realize this isn’t the same Spurs team of the past, I definitely feel the Spurs still have what it takes to stretch the series a at least 6 games. But I have to admit, the Suns have been playing so well, I’ve been forced to question my predictions to the joy of the countless Suns fans that read the blog.

Here’s my revised prediction on how I see the rest of the series filling out. Back at home the Spurs taking Games 3 and 4, but after taking both home games, the Spurs will be out of gas. With that, I have Suns winning Game 5 back in Phoenix and stealing one in San Antonio to close out the series in 6 games.

The Spurs need more from Manu in Game 3

But tonight, expect a Suns loss. The Spurs will be able to at least make this a respectable series and will avoid embarrassment. If the Suns yet again prove me wrong with a win in Game 3, expect a Suns sweep. But until that final buzzer rings out with the Suns coming out on top in the points column, shocking me once again, I’ll take the Suns winning the series in 6 games. Expectations for tonight’s matchup includes better play from Manu Ginobili and George Hill back at home and less bench production from Channing Frye and Jared Dudley on the road. Spurs win tonight.

Spurs- 113 Suns-109

As Suns fans very well know anything can happen for the Spurs at home in San Antonio


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