This Week in Baseball- May 7th

This week in baseball was a week like any other without any real surprises or shockers. Disappointing, I know. Let’s get to what went down in MLB.

Zito Rocks Hitters to Sleep (zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, get it?)

Barry Zito continued his hot start and put the Giants atop the West with a vintage performance against the Marlins. Hitters are now 1-39 off his curveball, and the one hit was a weak infield single. I picked the Giants to struggle this year because I did not trust the back end of the rotation, and the hitting. So far, Zito is completely proving me wrong as far as the rotation is concerned and it is showing as the Giants lead the West. I have no idea if Zito will keep this up, and anyone who tells you they know what Zito will do is lying to you. As far as I know, they do not have a sabermetric for guys with weird stuff going on between their ears, and that is the case with Zito, so do not tell me a thing about his contact percentages, FIP or anything else until you can tell me what is going on in his head. If he keeps it up, the Giants can absolutely contend for a NL West crown, but he could just as easily take the midnight train to crazy town and start stinking. We will see.

The Amazins

Is it a coincidence that Brian Paolo of the Amazing Race is a fan of the Amazin Mets? Probably, yes. However, that will not stop us from giving him a big shout out here as his Mets are on a roll. They are playing good ball, getting good pitching, and staying healthy, and frankly that last one is half the battle for the Mets. They sit in 2nd in the East, and have all the talent in the world, so we would be dumb to write it off as “just a hot start”. I still think 4th is more likely than 2nd for the Mets, but they are showing me something right now, and if they can stay healthy, the NL had better watch out, because the Mets could be Wild Card worthy.

Quite frankly, it sucked. However, the Nationals do not right now.

National Treasure

I realize this would have been a much better title had they called up Stephen Strasbug, or if the movie did not completely suck (which it did). However, with the way the Nats are playing right now, I have no choice but to use the title. They are getting decent enough pitching, and their bats are on fire like Lupe Fiasco’s streets. There is cause for concern with John Lannan headed to the DL, and Jason Marquis (look at any Nats related post we have done to get my opinions on him) about to return, but things could not get much better in DC right now. I would still pick them to finish last, but a far more respectable last than I had them at previously. They do not look like the 100 loss team I had them as. Good for them.

Say Hey-ward

I will not waste your time explaining why he is good, because it is pretty clear. Ok, maybe I will just a little, but it will be insightful. You know the saying “patience is a virtue”? It is also Jason Heyward’s best friend at the plate. Heyward’s patience lets him work counts and get the pitch he wants to hit and it is really what sets him apart from a lot of young hitters. Lately it has been getting him in trouble as pitchers have been throwing him more early strikes knowing he is being patient, but he will adjust and get back on track. Do not watch Heyward’s impressive numbers to judge him, just turn on the TV (TBS is a good option for watching the Braves) and watch him play. There are some things sabermetrics just do not get, and watching him play will make that pretty clear for you.

What to Watch This Week

Keep an eye on how the Yankees deal with their injuries. I have a feeling they will be just fine, and actually benefit from it as they get Francisco Cervelli and Sergio Mitre more time. See if they handle this well.

We wanted to bring you a fantastic video in which Lastings Milledge of the Pirates believes he his his first career grand slam. The only problem was that his home run trot was interrupted when he was tagged out rounding second. The ball never left the park, he just thought it did. Really high humor, but the video is not up yet. The Milledge People (his official fan club) cannot be pleased, but he has a shot at Clown of the Week.


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