Dallas Braden’s Perfect Game


Until today, Dallas Braden was the guy who didn’t like A-Rod stepping on his mound. To more in-tune baseball people, he is a quality young pitcher with a lot of potential. But today, Mr. Braden took a step out of youth and into baseball history. 27 up, 27 down, 0 hits, 0 walks, 0 baserunners, 109 pitches, and 1 perfect game. He is the first since Mark Buerhle last year to do it, and, at 26, he is one of the younger guys to throw a perfect game. Only 26, Dallas has had a very good year, but even if he finishes the year with an ERA over 5, people will remember this game. In case you were wondering, the youngest pitcher to throw a perfect game was John Mmontgomery Ward in 1881. He also hit 6th that day and had a hit, which makes you remember the days when pitchers did more than throw every fifth day. This is not meant to be a long post, but it deserves recognition at the least.

Congratulations, Dallas Braden, and welcome to baseball history.

Expect more in our next This Week in Baseball segment (published every Friday).

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