5/18/10 Boston Celtics at Orlando Magic (Game 2)

Boston Celtics at Orlando Magic 8:30 ET ESPN

Magic got just what the "Doc" had ordered in Game 1

The Orlando Magic got just what the “Doc” had ordered in preparation of Game 1. It all got started with the tremendous defensive effort throughout the entire 48 minutes of play. The Celtics effectively pressured the Magic on the perimeter forcing them off the three-point line and when the Magic swung the ball, the Celtics rotations were perfected with ease.

Expect to see an entirely different Game 2 tonight, not only will the Magic bounce back, but the Celtics will be fine settling with a spilt series heading back to Boston. Don’t worry Magic fans it’s not time to panic and honestly, I’d probably panic if I were a Boston Celtics fan. Here’s why:

-The Magic shot 5-22 from behind the three-point line

-The Magic had a total of 10 assists for the game

-The Magic turned the ball over 18 times


'Shard & Dwight must immediately improve their contributions offensively

Both Vince Carter and Jameer Nelson have been spectacular for the majority of the 2010 NBA Playoffs, but the two Magic players that have yet to remain consistent have been the money makers in Rashard Lewis and Dwight Howard, who combined for a mere 19 points in Game 1.

Down low, Dwight Howard must get tougher and actually begin using the muscles he’s gifted with, no more settling for the “avoid-contact-at-all-cost” hook shots. On top of the moves, Dwight’s got to remain mentally tough, it was clear in Game 1 that he allowed Rasheed Wallace to get the best of him.

Then there’s Rashard Lewis, ugh it gives me a headache every time I think about how much he’s getting paid, Lewis must start knocking down those contested shots from the perimeter. At nearly 7 foot and having a high release point on his follow through, there’s no excuse for him not being able to drill those spilt-second open looks.

Better team play, with the improved play of both Howard and Lewis will lead the Magic to a Game 2 victory tonight.

Magic- 97 Celtics- 91

Professor Wallace Teaches Young Dwight a Lesson During Free Throw Attempts:


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