The NBA Draft Lottery

Your team stinks. They won fewer games than good college teams win, and have nothing but bad contracts and mediocre players who are expected to be the savior of the franchise. You have been beaten down, chewed and spit out, and failed to make the playoffs in a league where more than half the teams make it. Your team has nothing.

But you have the Draft Lottery.

You have a shot to get that young player who will change the trajectory of your franchise and inject youth into a lineup desperately in need of a spark. This year, that spark is John Wall, and a host of other promising young palyers who could potentially lift their franchises in this era of free agency flight. Even the 12-win Nets have tons of hope thanks tom the Draft Lottery (and a load of money to throw at a free agent this summer). Although this draft does not appear especially deep, there are still 14 opportunities for those non-playoff teams to make a difference and help lift themselves from their current malaise. Let’s get it started, inferior NBA teams!

Who wants him?

The Draft Lottery- LIVE

14. Houston Rockets

13. Toronto Raptors

12. Memphis Grizzlies

11. New Orleans Hornets

10. Indiana Pacers

9. Utah Jazz (from Knicks)

8. Los Angeles Clippers

7. Detroit Pistons

6. Golden State Warriors

5. Sacramento Kings

4. Minnesota Timberwolves

3. New Jersey Nets

2. Philadelphia 76ers

1. Washington Wizards

A few thoughts. First off, extremely boring start with things going exactly according to plan until Golden State got slotted 6th. However, there was plenty of spice to come when that happened as we saw some of the favorites in the John Wall Sweepstakes fall. Golden State at 6, Sacramento at 5, Minnesota Timberwolves at 4. All these teams thought they had a shot at the top guy, but but when the ping pong balls came up, two of the three will be out of the “sure things” in the draft entirely. Frankly, I am not sold there are any really completely safe picks in this draft apart from John Wall, but these three teams got completely moved out of those guys. That has to hurt a franchise like the Wolves that really could use some pieces at the top.

However, this night was a smashing success for two teams and a bit of a disappointment for another. The smashing successes are clearly the Wizards and the 76ers, but the failure of the Nets to grab the top pick is perhaps not as big a problem as it seems. My thinking is that Devin Harris was not good as PG this year because he was asked to be the main scorer. John Wall would have been nice because they could have moved him for some pieces and then brought in a big free agent on top of that, but Harris alongside a free agent is equally dangerous since the burden taken off his shoulders will exponentially help his game. Not as big of a loss for the Nets as it appears.

Now for the 76ers and Wizards. Both teams (especially the 76ers) are thrilled to be where they are and look to add some key pieces to their teams. Wall fits nicely on a Wizards team that is frankly barebones at the moment and should help in moving on from Gilbert Arenas. The 76ers will probably take Evan Turner second and play him alongside Lou Williams, Andre Iguodala, Elton Brand and co. Both teams are in undeniable need of some help and should be set to really make things happen for the franchise. Congratulations to them, and on a somber note to my Pacers, it was not your fault you only finished tenth and cannot drastically improve. Oh, wait, yes it is. You had to go on that damn winning streak at the end of the yearto move down five picks.

But I digress. Congratulations to the Wizards. D.C. needs a franchise to support again, and the Wizards can be that team for the area while the Nationals get it together (progress underway). John Wall, you could do a lot worse as far as places to live. To end on an alliterative note: Welcome to the World of the Wall, Wizards.



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