5/26/10 Boston Celtics at Orlando Magic (Game 5) Predictions

Boston Celtics at Orlando Magic- 8:30 ET ESPN

Carter can't fall on his head yet again offensively in Game 5

The Boston Celtics really shot themselves in the foot on Sunday night as they were unable to close out the series sweep at home. Coming through big with an overtime win facing elimination, the Magic now have a heartbeat, but down 3 games to 1, they’re still on life support. If Orlando can take care of business tonight in Game 5, they’ve shockingly put themselves in a position where they’re able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

As good as he’s been all season and especially since the start of the playoffs, expect a big time game from Rajon Rondo tonight. Rondo struggled in Game 4 and his lack of contributions helped the Magic pull out the big win. But it’d be wrong if no kudos went out to Jameer Nelson, he came up huge in the win or go home road game. With all do respect to Dwight Howard and his impressive performance, player of the game must go out to Nelson. He not only shut down Rondo, but all of his 23 points were huge. Down the stretch he nailed a handful of tough shots that ultimately determined the fate of his team.

In Game 5, the Orlando Magic fans will increase the optimism in the eyes of their players. Can Orlando really pull off the “magic” and take four games in a row? It’s crazy to imagine it happening, but a win tonight gets them that much closer to reality. Win tonight and survive just one more game in Boston and we’ll be seeing a NBA Finals decisive Game 7. Get it done Orlando, the NBA world wants to see it!

Magic- 100 Celtics- 93

Though I did some media work inside the NBA Locker Rooms this year, I never ever came close to seeing something like this. Jason Williams demands his space! This was after losing Game 3 in Boston:


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