4/27/10 Phoenix Suns at LA Lakers (Game 5) Predictions

Phoenix Suns at Los Angeles Lakers- 9 ET TNT

Suns need another big night from Channing Frye

I’ve been taking much criticism, and deservingly so, for my doubts throughout the Phoenix Suns incredible playoff run. But let’s be clear, I’m not here to please anyone, not here to deliberately upset anyone, I’m here to state my true predictions for each game. As the final buzzer sounded in the Suns’ Game 4 win over the Lakers my phone immediately began buzzing with a handful of texts. Of those messages that I received, one person asked me a great question: “Do you think the Suns can play like this 2 more times?” My Answer: “Absolutely, if the Suns had two more home games.”

Games don’t get much more exciting than what we saw in Game 4. The Suns were clicking on all cylinders and the bench came up big. Not only did Channing Frye find his long lost shot, but the entire bench was feeling it. It’s never been a debate whether or not the Suns had a better bench than the Lakers, that’s clear, but the question that remains unanswered is if the Suns bench can produce in Los Angeles.

When it comes to the Lakers home court advantage in this series the biggest advantage they gain is bench production. The Lakers bench performs much better at home than they do when on the road. If the Lakers bench can play just as good as the Suns bench (assuming the Suns bench shows up), then the Lakers win Game 5 tonight. If the Suns bench can carry over much of their production tonight, then the Suns win. You can whatever name you want, but I’m a realist. I’ll believe it when I see it, so until the Suns bench shows me they can show up on the road, I’ll take a Lakers win tonight. Behind Kobe Bryant and their home crowd the Lakers won’t disappoint and will send the series back to Phoenix for Game 6 were the Suns bench will rise up yet again. If the Suns prove me wrong again tonight, like they have all playoffs, then they’re headed to the NBA Finals.

Lakers- 114 Suns- 110

Here’s 1 Reason I’d Like the Lakers to Win the Series: I don’t want to have to listen to Ron Artest rap… the only thing hot about his flow is his San Diego Padres cap!


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