Just What the Doctor Ordered: Roy Halladay Throws a Perfect Game

It was, in a word, perfect. Roy Halladay is not the first perfect game we have seen this year, but it was just as perfect as the first (obviously). Actually, it almost gets difficult to describe the perfect game when it is thrown so masterfully. He did not need a diving catch, an especially lucky call or anything else> He was just perfect. He threw five pitches wherever he wanted, and left the Marlins feeling like a fish out of water (I will not apologize for the pun). There is really almost nothing to say. He is one of, if not the, best pitchers in baseball and he showed it once again tonight. He was my pick for the NL Cy Young, and still has more than a puncher’s chance at it, but he is so good it is almost not surprising. He is not Dallas Braden, who most of the country did not know. He was the big free agent signing who is an absolute beast on the mound. It also quietly lowered his ERA below 2.00 and gave the Phils his 4th complete game so far (2nd is a gamut of guys at 2).

With that, I hope you enjoy Memorial Day, because I know that all of Philadelphia is loving this Halladay weekend.

This was the first result in Google when I typed in "Perfection". Today, we got to see it.


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