June 11th World Cup Picks

This will be a daily feature, so let’s get to it!

9:25 AM- Mexico vs. South Africa

If it were a home game for Mexico at Azteca Stadium, these would be flying. Yes, it is a bag of urine.

Mexico face the unenviable task of facing the hosts first. Bafana Bafana is going to be going bananas and purely their energy could be enough to lift them over El Tri. If this game was played on paper, Mexico would blow South Africa off the pitch. Javier Hernandez, Carlos Vela and Giovani Dos Santos are electrifying young talents, and the veteran leadership combined with overall talent are just beyond anything South Africa can offer. However, the match is going to be played on a pitch rather than paper, and not just any pitch, but a pitch surrounded by rabid South Africans willing their team to victory. It is hard to really pick either team as Mexico faces a very hostile crowd and South Africa faces a superior team. All the makings of a draw.

Mexico 2-2 South Africa

2:30 PM- France vs. Uruguay

These are the two sides I picked to advance to the knockout round, so it goes without saying that it is a very interesting match to watch. Most of the star-power will be supplied by a French side boasting some of the biggest names in the sport. Anelka, Patrice Evra, William Gallas, Thierry Henry, and Franck Ribery will give the casual fan more than enough to keep an eye on as all are world-class, but Uruguay is not without its own star power. Diego Forlan is chief among those, and is certainly Priority #1 for France, but Luis Suarez and Sebastian Abreu will give the back line plenty to think about, and a solid and tough midfield and defense will make for a close match. France has the edge on talent, but Uruguay has the edge on form and toughness. I will continue to stick with my pick from my Group Stage Picks. Forlan and Anelka will bag their first goals of the tournament and that will be all.

France 1-1 Uruguay





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