June 13th World Cup Picks

7:30 AM- Algeria vs. Slovenia

I am split on this one. I know very little about both teams, but I get the sense they are fairly evenly matched. From watching ESPN, I know that Slovenia has a lot of size that could be a problem for Algeria, and that the Algerians will pester you until you want to just give up. In my World Cup Picks column, (FOUND HERE) I picked an Algeria win here, but I am frankly clueless on that. I am actually going to flip-flop for no apparent reason other than gut, and a few other people I know picking Slovenia, and pick the Slovenians to beat Algeria. But again, it is a complete guess.

Inter's Stankovic will be doing the Stanky(ovic) Leg all over Ghana.

Algeria 0-1 Slovenia

10:00 AM- Serbia vs. Ghana

This is the game of the day by a wide margin. As we have harped on over and over, Ghana is not the same without Michael Essien, but they are still a team that should be respected and a team that will not go down without a fight. Many feel that this match will determine who gets 2nd in Group D, but I feel Serbia is actually going to win the group. That is bad news for Ghana. Serbia is really an underrated squad and this is their first step on what I think will be an outstanding run through this tournament. Dejan Stankovic, a very strong back line, and efficient striking will make it a tough day for Ghana.

Serbia 2-0 Ghana

2:30 PM Germany vs. Australia

Germany will win. Frankly, anything else would be downright flabbergasting. Mark Schwarzer, the Australian goalie, is capable of stonewalling a team, and Tim Cahill is capable of greatness on occasion, but the Germans just have too much talent all over. Bastian Schweinsteiger, Podolski, Lahm, Klose, and anyone else who wants to get in on the fun will have a chance to for Germany. Expect the Germans to throw a few shrimp on the barby and turn the Socceroos into shishkabob.

Germany 2-0 Australia

A little Serbia-Cameroon friendly from earlier to give you a better look at Serbia.

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