June 16th World Cup Picks

7:30 AM- Chile vs. Honduras

Bald is bountiful for the high-scoring Humberto Suazo

This is a very important match in this group. Chile goes all out attacking and has a very solid team that has a shot to advance in this group, just like everyone else. Honduras is not strong just looking at their roster but they play very well together, and leave Chile at the bottom of the table. I am a little unsure on who to pick here because both teams are capable of playing extremely well or not bringing their A-game.

Wilson Palacios, Maynor Figueroa and Carlos Pavon will all have to play starring roles for Honduras if they are to take all 3 points, which is very possible. However, Chile is a team that loves to attack, and Humberto Suazo is at the point of their attack. He will probably have to be the man to bag the goal if they are to advance. Now normally, I would go with a higher scoring affair here as Chile attacks all out, but only 4 teams (South Korea, Germany, Netherlands, Brazil) have even scored 2 goals. The winner of this game is going to do it with just the lone goal and have to defend in depth to get all 3 points. I am torn here on the pick, but I am leaning toward Chile and Suazo, who was absolutely on fire in qualifying with 10 goals.

Chile 1-0 Honduras

This is the weakest team Spain could field and yet it is still a really good team.

10:00 AM- Spain vs. Switzerland

This is a game you will want to watch. Spain is just absolutely loaded and no other team in the tournament can boast their level of quality. I was talking about Spain with a friend, and trying to create the weakest possible lineup I could out of their roster. Turns out even that roster is easily a World Cup squad. They are that loaded. Switzerland is well organized and has quite a few valuable veterans, but this game will go a little like Netherlands-Denmark. Denmark was pretty solid in the first half, but were ultimately overwhelmed by Netherlands’ superior talent. The same will be true here with Switzerland taking the role of Denmark and Spain taking the role of Netherlands, only even more talented somehow. Spain might even be the 5th team to score multiple goals in a game here even though Switzerland is no slouch. Spain is the pick and they should breeze through this group.

Spain 2-0 Switzerland


2:30 PM- South Africa vs. Uruguay

They look like horns, but sound like bees.

This is the first match of our second slate, so it will include a little talk about each other team’s previous performances. South Africa battled Mexico to a 1-1 draw in a match that did them a great service in Group A. They did not feed off the crowd especially well, but executed a counter attack beautifully to give Tshbalala the tournament’s first goal. While it was a fantastic goal, and South Africa nearly netted a winner, South Africa is up against a new type of team in Uruguay. Mexico likes its passing and its steady pressure, but Uruguay will not be giving up much in the way of the fast break as France found out. They defend in quantity and quality and a South African goal will more likely be a goalie gaffe than the result of fantastic execution. Uruguay is just too tough defensively to give up the kind of goals Mexico let in, and Diego Forlan and Luis Suarez do not have the likes of William Gallas, Patrice Evra, Bacary Sagna, and Eric Abidal pestering them. Instead, they get Aaron Mokoena, a player best known for being the minimum 1 dollar in fantasy soccer, is a defensive midfielder masquerading as a center back. I think Forlan gets the best of the hosts and their vuvuzelas and pushes Uruguay closer to the knockout round.

South Africa 0-1 Uruguay


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One comment

  1. GOD i hate those vuvuzelas. they almost make me mute the television.

    Spain is definitely going to the finals. imo.

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