NBA Finals Game 6 Preview

Boston Celtics at Los Angeles Lakers- 9 ET ABC

Tonight's the night he takes home the hardware

Tonight it’s do or die for the Los Angeles Lakers at home inside the Staples Center for Game 6. Can the Lakers rallying behind and provide enough support for Kobe Bryant or will the Celtics bench continue to impress? Having taken the Celtics to win in 6 games before the NBA Finals even began, I definitely have to stick with my initial prediction. After all, it’s fair to say if the Celtics are going to win the title, they’ll have to do it tonight.

If the Lakers survive and win Game 6, all the momentum shifts and have no reason to believe that the Celtics can recover in a Game 7 scenario on the road. There’s just as much pressure on the Celtics to seal the deal tonight as there is on the Lakers to force a Game 7. I see the Celtics getting the job done tonight on the road which will definitely solidify them as the legitimate 2010 NBA World Champions. If Celtics win tonight, they’ll need an impressive outing from Rajon Rondo, if Rondo’s able to be the difference maker, he’ll not only help bring back the trophy to Boston, but he’ll also take home the Finals MVP honor.

Celtics- 108 Lakers- 104

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