June 21st World Cup Picks

7:30 AM- Portugal vs. North Korea

The wind probably changed directions too quickly, so Ronaldo went down.

I would like to first congratulate Cristiano Ronaldo. After that performance last week, I think he is a lock for an Oscar. I mean he should be a shoe-in for Best Actor in a Lead Role. All kidding aside, Portugal should win this game. They have more talent at every position, and really have no excuse for not getting 3 points from their match against the North Koreans.

It is time to start thinking of some excuses, Portugal. Portugal has been horrendous at putting the ball in the back of the net, and are completely dependent on their wildly talented and extremely theatric superstar and if he doesn’t score, they will not score. I always knew Ronaldo was floppier than Butterbean jumping in a pool, but seeing him do it on the biggest stage just raised my dislike for him a little bit more. This pick is a little influenced by my dislike for him, but I also feel like the North Korean forwards might be able to make some money in the counter-attack. Cristiano Ronalso will net Portugal a goal (whether that be from the spot, or from a rocket), but North Korea will fight back and get themselves a historic point.

Portugal 1-1 North Korea

10:00 AM- Chile vs. Switzerland

Chile really dominated Honduras in its opening match. They were all over Honduras’ box, controlled the flow of play, and their all-out attacking game was unlucky to only net them one goal. Switzerland, on the other hand, got the best of Spain, defending marvelously, and getting a key goal on the break to just edge them past the co-favorites. I am not sure either team will really want to go for the win with a loss putting them right in Spain’s path and likely to get plowed over.

A tie would be the best result for both sides, but that does not mean they will necessarily go for it. Chile is a very aggressive team, and I could absolutely see them going for the win and a spot in the next round. I think Chile will absolutely go for the win, but despite their best efforts, it ends up a draw. If anyone wins, it will be Chile.

Chile 1-1 Switzerland

2:30 PM- Spain vs. Honduras

El Nino needs to be El Hombre (the Man) if he wants to help Spain.

We have seen it a few times already. Big time power plays poorly in its first match, and we assume they will bounce back like nothing happened. England tied Algeria, Italy tied New Zealand, France bowed down for Mexico. Will Spain fail to live up to our expectations as well? Don’t count it out. They are clearly the most talented team here, and really have no excuse for not winning this match, but that does not necessarily mean they will win. This is the time when we see if Spain has any heart in them. Will they roll over like France when faced with adversity? Will they fold under growing pressure like Italy and England? Or will they bounce back like Serbia and win one to get themselves back into this competition?

I do not know if they will do it convincingly, but I think they will win. Honduras will put up a fight, and might even scare Spain, but I think Spain is just too talented to do anything but win. It wasn’t like they sucked against the Swiss, they just did not play up to their standards, took some rough bounces, and failed to adjust tactics. I think they get back on track with this win, but maybe not as solidly as they would like.

Spain 3-1 Honduras


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