Holy crap.

The game winner.

I am not going to re-hash the entire match, but what a game. From the disallowed Dempsey goal, to any number of other missed chances, that was a roller coaster of a game. Honestly, it never should have come to the dramatic end it did. Whether ir was Altidore blasting a sitter over the bar or Dempsey getting denied by the post, there should have been a US goal.

But there wasn’t. For 90 minutes. Until there suddenly was.

Tim Howard made an easy save and threw a Peyton Manning-esque pass to Donovan, starting what would ultimately be the decisive fastbreak. 4 on 3 and Donovan taps in the rebound. 1-0 USA and all hell breaks loose in bars across the country. Great, great game, though it never should have made it that far.

Now there is a down side to winning the group, though they did not really have a choice if they wanted to advance. They are now on the same side of the bracket as Brazil and the Netherlands, with Spain and Germany potentially joining them on that side of the Bracket. The winner of Uruguay-South Korea will make for a winnable second match should they win the first, but that side of the bracket is just loaded.

Congratulations, USA. You lived up to expectations. Now it is time to exceed them.


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