LeBron to Miami

By now, you know. LeBron James is a member of the Miami Heat. There will be much more on this subject in the upcoming radio show, but in the mean time, here are a few things to consider:

Are the Heat the favorites for the title next year?

Is Kevin Durant the #1 MVP Candidate next year?

Did LeBron just stab Cleveland in the heart on national television?

Did LeBron do the right thing?

Will Mario Chalmers give up the #6 jersey? (Joke)

Will Miami be able to sign enough supporting guys to win a championship?

What is the over/under on games until Spoelstra is replaced? I’m setting it at 30.

Is Pat Riley secretly a hypnotist?

Does LeBron really think he can continue to live peacefully in Akron?

What do you think of LeBron after this episode?

We will try to get to some of these questions in the radio show, but in the mean time, enjoy the suspense being over. Congrats, Miami. Sorry, Cleveland. NY, I have no remorse for you. Biggest sports story of the year.


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