Derrick Rose or John Wall?!

During my trip out to NBA Summer League in Las Vegas, I briefly tagged along with one of my favorite NBA reporters in the business, Elie Seckbach. While hanging out with Elie, I was introduced to three young,up and coming bloggers who are based out of Los Angeles. Of the three, two of them hold a blog together named, “Agree 2 Disagree”, which pretty explains the basis of the blog, to argue on hot topics. So I decided to spark a debate, got Elie’s camera rolling, and posed this question to the bloggers at “Agree 2 Disagree” David Merabi and Sean Nami as well as SportsBiz founder Shayan Mondegari: Derrick Rose or John Wall? Take a look at what they had to say:

Derrick Rose

John Wall

To Watch More Videos From Elie Seckbach Visit His YouTube Channel at:

To Check Out “Agree 2 Disagree” Visit:

For More From Shayan Mondegari on his SportsBiz Blog Visit:


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