The Hockey Hub talks Hawks

Living in the dorms is becoming really tough. Last night I was watching Sports Center and I did not see one single NHL highlight. I know that it is the MLB post season and the NFL is rolling, but come on, give me some hockey!

Luckily I found the game highlight center on I was watching some great plays like my boy Alexander Ovechkin knocking a puck into the goal with his glove. Then I saw Vancouver forward Daniel Sedin pulling a nasty move on Chicago goalie Marty Turco. I saw that the game ended in a shootout so I decided to watch the entire highlight.

Chicago fans probably are not worried about the Blackhawks. Their record stands at a solid 5-2 and ranked first in the West. But before watching the highlight I was skeptical about their chances of returning to the Stanley Cup this year.

But then I saw the highlights. All I saw were Chicago shots on Vancouver goalie Roberto Luongo, one of the best ever. The Hawks really impressed me by how many times they made Luongo save the puck with their consistently accurate shooting.

Turco is a big upgrade between the pipes.

Some thought that the Hawks have lost too many key players from last year, but after watching them play I kept hearing the same names. Toews, Kane, and Sharp all scored shoot out goals last night and were impact guys, so how much has really changed? Kane made an especially amazing shot, faking front hand, going back hand and barely slipping the puck in between Luongo’s legs. It was beautiful.

The shootout showed me that the Hawks know how to pull out a win, even when things are not going as planned. Luongo was playing great and it looked like the hockey gods were just not on the Hawks side. But they stayed tough and pulled out a great win in overtime.

Hawks fans should have no reason to worry their new team. I believe there is not only no reason to worry, but that they are very much improved. The biggest improvement is in the net with Marty Turco. I saw Turco play last year in Phoenix when he dominated the Coyotes offense and he is a huge upgrade from Antti Niemi.

With Turco in net, and some of the same old faces on the ice, the Hawks look good. So do not worry Chicago fans, the team has the talent to make it back, now it is up to them to play the best they can.


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