Important Update

You may have noticed a serious lack of content of late, and this is your apology/explanation. I (the blog’s main writer) am headed for Spain for 5 months and have been busy trying to get everything in order for the trip. While abroad, I will probably not be able to keep up with American sports enough to have the informed, interesting opinions you have come to expect from the blog. As a result, there will be long stretches of time with almost no coverage, even for some of the bigger ecents (such as the NFL Playoffs, Super Bowl, and possibly MLB season. Add this to the already-scant NBA coverage we have had this year and you can probably see where this is headed. The blog will not be shut down, but will be on hiatus at least until June.

Before I leave, there will be one final massive NFL column covering every team, their needs in the draft, their playoff chances (where applicable), and just about everything you want to know. I also will include my BCS pick and a brief explanation as to why I have ignored college football this year. That will likely be the final post for a while, but feel free to keep checking in and visiting the facebook page as updates should continue to roll out. There might even be extended soccer coverage if you are lucky, but I am not making plans to write about it as of yet. Have a great New Years and keep your eyes out for that final column for a while. Don’t give up on us, just give us a short break.


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