Questions for the Clowns: 8/8/2011

Ever wanted us to answer a question of yours? Ever just wanted to see a question of yours on the internet? Well the second is a little lame, but if you have a question for OTC, email us at, write/comment on our Facebook page or hit us up on Twitter. We want your questions so we can keep this column growing and going.

In the mean time, we have some questions from the Curious Clown (our mysterious and anonymous source) with some questions for us. Just for kicks, and so you can get the ida of what we are going for, I will phrase them as questions from actual readers (yes, we have real, corporeal readers).

Out of the 3 former/current Eagles QBs, who will have the best season: Vick, McNabb, or my main man, Kevin Kolb?
– Ricardo in AZ

Well, if they all stay healthy, Vick will blow the other two away, but that is far from a sure thing. Statistically, Vick will have the best season, but compared to his expectations, which are a little high, I think he could fall short a bit. If I were grading Vick’s season (assuming full health) on total stats and stats vs expectations he would get an A- and C-. I actually love Donovan McNabb’s chances in Minnesota. See if you follow me on this logic: Favre felt comfortable going from GB to MIN as far as the system, which was why he wanted to go there in the first place. Andy Reid came up in the GB system and now uses a system at least comparable to the one Favre used in GB. Donovan put up career numbers with Reid and probably has a pretty solid grasp on the MIN offense. That is not air-tight logic but I think he adapts to that system well and has a very solid year. To use the same grading scales as Vick, McNabb gets a B- for his total stats, and a B+ against his expectations. Kolb is perhaps the trickiest to predict since he has very limited playing time and has not looked good in his Philly appearances. However, he gets a fresh start, and a ridiculously appealing schedule this year which means he should be leading the Cards into the playoffs, regardless of if he is outstanding or just alright. To use the grading scale again, Kolb will get about a C on his overall stats and probably a D against his expectations since many Arizonans’ (is that right?) sunny disposition often expects too much of their players.

So to review, IF EVERYONE IS HEALTHY, Vick has the best year, followed by McNabb and then Kolb, but with all being solid QBs at the least.

My Pirates just lost 10 straight, are they dead? Were the Derrek Lee and Ryan Ludwick acquisitions bad? Is this what I get for getting my hopes up?
Wesley in Wheeling, WV

Ding, Dong, the Bucs are dead. The first clue was getting swept by the Cubs, at home. The second clue was giving up 35 RUNS TO SAN DIEGO. The Lee and Ludwick additions were fine, and now you are seeing why you were wise not to give up too much at the deadline (though that PTBNL looks large in the Ludwick deal). This slide has been on the pitching,but even if they didn’t crash and burn, I do not think there is any way the Pirates beat out the Brewers for the Central title. That team is red hot and should be considered among the favorites for the World Series. Seriously. And no, I do not blame you for letting your hopes get the best of you, but you really should have known better. So yeah, I guess I do blame you a little, but I would have done the same.

Tebow or Orton? I want to earn my 4-12 record in style, so this question is of the utmost importance.
Antonio in Evergreen, CO

I have never been a Tebow fan as far as his professional prospects. I think Orton is better, and you should go with him. However, if you were to suddenly decide that you have no interests in winning this year, which is something I would completely understand, you should go with Tebow and at least see if you can get an idea of if the kid can play. If I am John Fox, I go with Orton. If I am a fan, I trade Orton, go with Tebow and accept the bad record as being a trial season for Tebow. However, as far as game-managing QBs, go I love Orton so I will go with him.

Can a guy like Matt Kemp win the NL MVP, or does record matter?
J.D. in Orange, CA 

If you are asking whether Kemp has a shot at winning MVP, the answer is yes. A guy with a .970 OPS, 26 HR, 28 SB, and a 5.3 WAR is certainly deserving of MVP talk. However, and I cannot defend this in any way, record matters at least a little to me. I hate just giving the award to the best player on the best team, but I just reject the idea that the league’s most valuable player would be on an awful team (such as the Dodgers). I demand that my MVP is at least from a team with a respectable record, such as Jose Bautista, who is, in my mind, the clear AL MVP. The Blue Jays aren’t in the hunt but he (almost single-handedly it seems) has the Jays over .500 as I write this. My personal pick for NL MVP is Prince Fielder who edges or ties Kemp in all categories above and, in my mind, has clearly boosted the Brewers from a good team to a title contender. I can’t defend that winning matters a little to me, but it does.

See Brian Wilson’s sweet Tux at the ESPYs? Describe it in 3 words.
Robert in SF

They say the suit makes the man, so how about I describe him in the suit? Bearded Attention Whore.

That’s it for now, but please contact us and ask us some questions so we can keep this going.


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  1. Gun to your head, which would you give up forever in favor of the other: The World Cup or the Super Bowl? To spice it up, you get 16 weeks of NFL football, but the winner is decided by some committee who uses a combination of best record and mathematical formulas to arrive at a champion — in other words, it’s like the BCS only there’s no title game.

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