Quick NFL Picks October 23rd (Week 7)

It is Midterm Break for the folks such as myself at Marquette and as I am out of town I am going to keep this short and sweet. Mostly short. And mostly devoid of really quality writing. You have been warned.

TB vs Chicago (-1) @ London Wembley

I never know what to do with the London game, but seeing as how LeGarrette Blount may not play for the Bucs and Mike Martz has finally decided to help Jay Cutler out with some blockers, I am leaning toward the Bears, who can be pretty decent if they block a little. I don’t think TB wins their game last week if Sean Payton (who also calls the plays on offense) isn’t hurt, but the real fact of the matter is that both teams are pretty enigmatic and I have no idea.

Also, while I am still against the London game, it is even worse this year as the Manchester derby is on Sunday as well. Just a misguided idea.

Washington (+2.5) vs Carolina

Washington might still be alright even though they looked fairly bad against the Eagles last week and while Carolina is exciting, they are terrible defensively and not that good overall. I should probably watch the Redskins at some point to figure out how they actually move the ball because I am pretty clueless about how they do it right now. Still, going with the Skins.

San Diego (-2) vs New York Jets

The Chargers have been all kinds of mediocre this year despite that nice record and so have the Jets. The Chargers are coming off a bye but have to go cross-country for an early game.  This is probably a pretty good measuring-stick game for both teams too. If the Chargers come out and throw all over a really good Jets pass defense and don’t completely lack composure for big stretches of the game (like the Denver game), then they might be able to run out to 13-3 or something. If the Jets come out and completely shut down the Chargers and Mark Sanchez looks like a real QB against a Chargers team that doesn’t look totally lethargic then the Jets still have a grip on that wild card spot. If both teams come out and play like they have so far this season it will be a pretty boring game. I will apathetically take the Chargers.

Seattle (+3) vs Cleveland

You’d have a hard time paying me to watch. I don’t believe in Charlie Whitehurst and I don’t believe in the Browns. If you can’t beat the Seahawks, who might be this year’s Average NFL Team (it was the Redskins last year) at home coming off your bye, you aren’t good. I will take the Seahawks.

Houston vs Tennessee (-3)

If Andre Johnson plays, this all changes, but I am anticipating the Titans coming out guns blazing similar to when they played the Ravens and looked fantastic. Not sure what to expect from either team in a divisional game that should mean something to both. Unless the Texans get healthy the AFC South Champ will be a one-and-done playoff team anyway. I am screwed this week.

Denver (+1) vs Miami

Miami is terrible at home, Denver isn’t too good either but they are probably good enough to win this game, especially after Miami just played a game they probably saw as must-win on Monday night against a division rival. Give me the Tebows!

Atlanta vs Detroit (-3.5)

Don’t have a lot of confidence in the Lions beyond their ability to score. Don’t have much confidence in the Falcons on the road either. Michael Turner will probably have a pretty good day and the Lions might struggle a little but I am not sure I can commit to the Falcons actually winning this or keeping it to 3. It will be close, and once again I have no idea what to do with this game.

Kansas City (+5.5) vs Oakland

Always bet against Kyle Boller against a division rival! That is a truly Golden Rule. Not even Darren McFadden can overcome Kyle Boller and a Kansas City team that has decided to not lay down. I think they can make it close, but Oakland still probably wins.

Pittsburgh (-4) vs Arizona

While the Steelers looked pretty uninspired last week, I just cannot bring myself to bet on Kevin Kolb to do too much positive. I know Ken Whisenhunt probably knows a thing or two about the Steelers, but I am not willing to put any confidence in the Kolb salad. That’s right he doesn’t even get to be corn on the Kolb, he gets “Kolb salad”.

St. Louis (+13) vs Dallas

I still like Dallas, maybe even to win the East, but the Rams aren’t nearly as bad as they have looked so far and are making moves to get better (the anti-Broncos). This line is 4 points too high and I will gladly take advantage.

Green Bay (-9) vs Minnesota

Christian Ponder, meet the Green Bay defense. I really don’t have to make this introduction since I have a feeling the two will have plenty of up close and personal meetings during the game, but I figured I would be polite. Green Bay is getting a little overrated at this point, but only because they have been so outstanding that people are asking about 16-0. They aren’t THAT good. They are 9 points better than the toothless Vikings though.

Indianapolis vs New Orleans (-14)

Don’t overthink it. The Saints is really good and the Colts are pretty bad. You don’t think they can blow the Colts out in a bounce-back game in prime time? I do.

Baltimore (-8) vs Jacksonville

Jacksonville is bad and Baltimore isn’t. I will even go out on a limb and say that the Jags only turn it over once but it isn’t enough as the Steelers win by at least 10, thus continuing the trend of terrible Monday Night Football games.

Last Week: 5-7-1
Season: 41-43-5


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