Hello and welcome to OuttaTownClowns, your one stop shop for all things sports. Whether it be football, basketball, baseball or any sport you care about, we’ve got it covered. Why OuttaTownClowns as a name you ask? Don’t worry, there will be no red puffy noses and sometimes creepy antics on this site, only in depth analysis of all things sports. Our backgrounds couldn’t be more different, but our love of sports, joint displacement from home, and sometimes laughable antics makes us the OuttaTownClowns.

Patrick McWeeny

I am a junior at Marquette University as well, majoring in International Relations/Political Science. I grew up in Indianapolis, Indianapolis as a huge baseball fan but really took to every sport over the years. I enjoy baseball, football (college and pro), soccer, basketball (college and pro), and I feel like if hockey was at all popular in Indianapolis I would have taken to that too. My teams are the Indianapolis Colts, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, the Cleveland Indians, Butler and Marquette for College Basketball, and Villarreal CF for soccer (Spanish League). To those of you who are going to hate because I am a Notre Dame fan, I would like to point out that I became a fan right at the beginning of the Bob Davie Era, so any chants of “Fair Weather Fan” are not at all accurate. I am the author of the non-NBA material on the site, if only because I find a lot of time on my hands and since I am already watching sports religiously, I figured why not write about it. I am also a man of few words, so in accordance with that trait, I will end my intro here and hope you enjoy the site.

Patrick writes the NFL, Soccer, MLB, and College Football columns.


Matt Kroeger: ESPN has bred an army of sports geeks, and I am one them. I am an avid sports man with my allegiances tying almost exclusively to Indiana-based teams and the underdogs, with the exception being the St. Louis Cardinals with whom I have ties via my dad who is from there. I played basketball for four years in high school as a shooting guard in a point guard’s body who gathered more offensive rebounds than field goal attempts. Needless to say, I never played, but I was a superb high-fiver. I go to Xavier University in Cincinnati where I am a senior graphic design major. I am using that wonderful Fine Arts degree to write about fantasy football on this blog. Whereas basketball is my passion, fantasy football is an area I can more realistically excel, and thus I spend an inordinate amount of time playing it.

Matt writes the weekly Fantasy Football column titled “Ferrells and Fallons”.

We all appreciate your comments and thoughts, negative or positive, and while WordPress can sometimes be difficult to comment on, we hope that you let us know what you think via twitter (@outtatownclowns) or by simply commenting on the articles. Thank you and enjoy!


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