NBA Playoffs Predictions

5/8/10 NBA Playoff Predictions

Orlando Magic at Atlanta Hawks- 5 ET ESPN

Horford showing off the difference of height between he and Dwight

If Atlanta is going to win a game in the series, it’s going to have to come tonight. Facing a 2-0 deficit, they return home where they hope to slow down the Orlando Magic’s winning streak that currently stands at 6 games. In order to make that happen, they’d have to find a solution for slowing down Dwight Howard, something that seems to be very improbable after watching the first two games of the series.

Even with impressive Game 2 performance from Al Horford who went for 24 points and 10 rebounds on 9-13 shooting and was a perfect 6-6 from the line, Horford having offensive outbreaks isn’t a solution. The Hawks would be better off if Horford only scored 12 points and 6 rebounds, if he could contain Dwight Howard. Whether or not Horford is capable of that has yet to be seen and it’s definitely not something I’d count on happening anytime soon.

Expect nothing but the best from VC when he's got fresh legs

For the Magic in Game 2, talk about balanced scoring, the starting lineup pretty much defined it with 4 of their 5 starters scoring 20 or more points. To make matters worse for the Hawks is that they all did it on great shooting percentages. Even being the longtime, die-hard Vince Carter fan that I am, I’m a little bit surprised at how well he’s been shooting the basketball so far in the playoffs. The aging Vince Carter of the past couple years has been better known for his up and down play but now it seems as though we’re back to seeing the old Vince outside of 15 feet. I think the time off, he was given between series paid big dividends for him and for the team to maintain fresh legs. Look for the Magic to stay on track and focused on getting through the Hawks as quick as possible. Magic take Game 3 in Atlanta.

Magic- 108 Hawks- 95

With A Head Coach Like This, There’s No Doubt the Magic Will Be Ready For Tip-Off Tonight

Los Angeles Lakers at Utah Jazz- 8 ET ABC

In Game 2, nearly all the Jazz players played well, except for the most important piece to their puzzle in Deron Williams. D-Will struggled mightily from the field shooting 4-16 for 15 points. While it maybe unfair to except nearly 30 a night out of the star point guard, that’s exactly what the need on a consistent basis in order to beat a team like the Lakers.

Expect improved play from D-Will back on his home court

On the bright side the series heads back to Utah where the Jazz have a great opportunity to get even with their opponents. Not only will Deron Williams benefit from being able to bounce back on his home court but the key role players around him should prosper as well.

For the Lakers, they must take better care of the ball in Game 3. They were fortunate to have come away with a win in Game 2 as they committed twice as many turnovers (20) than the Jazz (10). Any game you commit that many turnovers you don’t give yourself a great chance to win, especially not on the road. Though the Lakers should take much better care of the ball in Game 3, the Jazz will pull out an important Game 3 win to remain close in the series.

Jazz- 106 Lakers-102

This Is What I Call Home Court Advantage!


NBA Playoff Predictions 4-17-10

Chicago Bulls at Cleveland Cavaliers

It'll be all smiles for LeBron & the Cavs in Game 1

Rising superstar Derrick Rose is the quietest, most exciting talent in the league today but as the end of the season D-Rose spoke up and let us all in on a secret, the Bulls were going to make the playoffs. The Bulls backed Rose’s statement and indeed took the final slot in this year’s playoffs. Will Rose speak again and gives us anymore secrets for what’s to come in the playoffs? Umm…no there’s no secret, no suprises to come, Cavaliers will be sure to set the tone in Game 1 in the Q.

Cavaliers- 105 Bulls- 89

Milwaukee Bucks at Atlanta Hawks

The birds should fly high but not without a fight

Call me crazy, but doesn’t Brandon Jennings rise to the occasion during big games? If I’m wrong forgive me, but don’t tell me that Young Buck won’t be ready to shine in his NBA Playoff debut. The Bucks are one of the best team’s at keeping their composure during any type of circumstance that comes their way, I see entering the rowdy Phillips Arena in Atlanta no different. The Hawks along with their fans will be fully prepared to battle and defend their home floor, but the Bucks will be sure to let them know it’ll be close. Just not close enough and will fall short during final five minutes of the game.

Hawks- 97 Bucks- 90

Miami Heat at Boston Celtics

Can Tito help D-Wade rise to the occasion?

Dwyane Wade and his Miami Heat team have been on a tear lately, can they continue to impress in a matchup against the Boston Celtics? The answer is in the hands of Wade, to what effect can Wade’s impressive play rub off onto his team. If Wade can provide the surge of confidence and instill it in his fellow Heat teammates, they got a chance against a very rocky Celtics team, even in Boston. I’m calling this one, the upset of the day.

Heat- 98 Celtics- 96

Utah Jazz at Denver Nuggets

The Pepsi Center will be hoppin, quite literally!

In the only Western Conference matchup on the night, the NBA world will be shown a dandy. In fact this series if my favorite first round matchup in the Western Conference (Spurs/Mavs a close second). Why? Both team’s have possess very different swaggers out on the floor. It’ll be a battle of two different styles and the team whose able to adjust best wins. Each game will offer a variety of different adjustments and whichever teams handles them properly, ultimately wins the series and advances to the second round. Tonight, the Nuggets won’t disappoint the home crowd inside the Pepsi Center.

Nuggets- 95 Jazz- 89