Ross Geiger’s Q & A with Rap Star Phreshy Duzit

Phreshy Duzit

The OuttaTownClowns are pleased to present Ross Geiger’s exclusive interview with Phreshy Duzit. Signed to Atlantic Records, this bright, young rapper out of Brooklyn is currently in the process of preparing to drop his debut album. Phreshy already owns and operates his own record label entitled “Self Made Celebrity” and dropped his highly anticipated mixtape, “No Assembly Required”, this past year. As his popularity continues to sky rocket, Phreshy has been featured in songs by mainstream artists such as Colby O’Donis, Trey Songz, and was recently in the studio with J. Cole.

Along with being one of the hottest young artists in the rap game, Phreshy Duzit is also an avid NBA fan. Ross caught up with Phreshy to talk NBA hoops as well as what the his future has in store. Check it out:

RG: What’s your favorite NBA team?

Phreshy: I was always a Sixers fan but as of lately I’ve been a fan of the Celtics.

RG: Being from New York (and maybe even a Knicks fan) what are your thoughts on Amare Stoudemire and the Knicks as whole this upcoming season? Will it be another disappointing season or is this Knicks team a borderline playoff team?

Phreshy: I think they’re slowly making the right moves to be a powerful team.  I think they’ll make the playoffs, it should be a good look for the city.

RG: Who’s your favorite player in the league and why?

Phreshy: Iverson has and will always be my favorite player, now that he’s taking time off I like Kevin Durant.

Brooklyn's Hottest Young Rapper

RG: What are your thoughts on the hype surrounding rookie sensation John Wall form his on the court skills to his own “John Wall” dance?

Phreshy: That dude’s incredible. Enough said. I just seen a little kid “John Wallin” on YouTube, so it must be the next best thing.

RG: In your opinion, who are the top 3 players in the league today?

Phreshy: Lebron, Kobe & D. Wade…. Not in any particular order though… Haha

RG: What’s your take on the whole LeBron James decision to join up with NBA stars in Miami?

Phreshy: I’m not mad at the decision, I’m just mad at everybody hoppin’ on the Miami bandwagon.

RG: Who are you predicting to win the NBA Championship?

Phreshy: Miami

RG: Being “Phresh” yourself, what team has the freshest jerseys?

Phreshy: Celtics. Classic

RG: Do you wear jerseys?

Phreshy: No longer wearing jerseys… That was when I was in Middle School.

RG: Ever considered writing a song with hopes to get it in an NBA video game?

Phreshy: Yea, definately.  You’ll hear some in next years video games.

RG: When does the debut album drop?

Phreshy: Single dropping this month. EP dropping in December and the Album will be set to release probably about 6 months after.

RG: Any basketball references in the album? If so, can you hook us up with one basketball-related punch line?

Phreshy: Get that EP, you’ll hear a couple!

RG: Well thanks for your time Phresh!

Phreshy: Appreciate it fam.

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Ross Geiger’s 2010-2011 Don’t Overlook the Small Names Team

The Buzzer Beatin' Follow Through by Lester Hudson

Lester Hudson, NBA Free Agent

After having a very impressive Las Vegas Summer League showing as a member of the Washington Wizards, Lester Hudson is on the verge of making another NBA roster this season. Averaging 11.2 points,  2.8 assists, and 2.8 rebounds per contest, Hudson made sure John Wall wasn’t the only impressive Wizards point guard. In fact, Hudson played a key role during the last stretches of close games. Wizards’ Summer League Head Coach Sam Cassell turned to both Wall and Hudson as the primary ball handlers with the game on the line. In the Wizards last summer league game, Hudson took over as the Wizards elected to sit out Wall. Hudson dropped 19 points to go along with 9 assists, and delivered the dagger from  connecting on a game winning, step-back buzzer beater. That’s not a bad way to finish off a successful summer league appearance and it definitely left a lasting impression on the entire league.

SG: Dominique Jones, Dallas Mavericks

Jones has a lot to offer at the NBA level

This year’s 25th overall pick by the Mavericks showed plenty of good signs during his inaugural summer league performances. Dominique Jones went onto to average 16.6 points per game with 3.4 assists and 3.8 boards. Not only did Jones lead his team in scoring throughout their five matchups, but Jones absorbed much of the hype that was supposed to surround Mavs second-year man, Rodrigue Beaubois. By the end of summer league, the word around the press row was looking forward to watching Jones, not particularly just Beaubois as expected. Jones must improve upon his consistency from the floor, but can indeed help next year’s Mavericks team if called upon.

Rolle was on a roll producing during his time on the floor in Orlando Summer League

SF: Magnum Rolle, Indiana Pacers

While I decided to transform him into a small forward for the sake of showing love for the hungry Pacers rookie. Magnum Rolle made the best of each and every opportunity he got to show the Pacers what he has to offer and it paid off. Rolle is a guy, you’ll be hearing about for years to come. He won’t blow you away with his skill but he’ll instead do it with his hustle and energy. At 6’10 with a very long wingspan, Rolle is very versatile and can guard multiple positions. In Orlando Summer League, Rolle averaged 13.4 points, 7 boards, and 2 blocks a game. Having not played basketball until his freshman year of high school, I’d say Rolle still has a lot of room to grow as a player, especially if he continues to work as hard as he has thus far in the league.

Brackins should become CP3's new best friend on the perimeter

PF: Craig Brackins, New Orleans Hornets

Ok, so maybe Brackins isn’t really a “small name” having been a highly touted recruit coming out of Brewster Academy, but entering the league I’d say many still aren’t buying in. While I doubt Brackins ever becomes a borderline star in the NBA, I do think he’ll be a very solid, respected NBA pro in the near future. It all starts with his size and his ability to stretch the defense with his touch. Brackins is a tremendous shooter with range often times compared to LaMarcus Aldridge, but I’d argue there’s a bit of a “in his prime version of Brian Cook”. He definitely showed me a lot in his summer league games averaging 10 points and 4 rebounds. Not to mention he shot 47% from the three-point line connecting on 10-21 total attempts. While he won’t provide much in other categories his shooting consistency will find him minutes. With Chris Paul leading the charge in New Orleans, Brackins will be a perfect complimentary piece. He doesn’t clog up the lane, prefers to float around the perimeter, and can step into a shot from anywhere on the offensive end. Watch out NBA fantasy basketball, this could be your new favorite three-point specialist since you’ll be able to place him in your power forward slot.

Lawal could end up being "The Steal" of the 2010 NBA Draft Class

C: Gani Lawal, Phoenix Suns

The Phoenix Suns getting some love? You better believe it, they got an absolute steal in this year’s draft, grabbing Gani Lawal with the 46th overall pick. Although they didn’t even have a first round pick this year, the Phoenix Suns came out of the 2010 draft as one of draft night’s winners. Much like how Eric Bledsoe played in the shadow of John Wall at Kentucky, Lawal did the same at Georgia Tech as the focus and media attention was on Derrick Favors. If one were to ask me how good Lawal could end up being? I’d surprise many with this: at the end of the day, Gani Lawal may very well be just as good, if not a better pro than Derrick Favors. Bold statement? Yes, very much so, but entirely out of the question? Absolutely not. In Las Vegas Summer League, I was not at all surprised at Lawal’s attention grabbing stat lines throughout the Suns’ five games. Lawal completed summer league averaging 15.4 points, 7.4 boards, with 1 block a game. It’s nearly impossible to predict how the Phoenix Suns handle Lawal’s rookie year and whether or not he ever gets a real chance to shine. But one thing’s for certain if Lawal continues to develop his game on the practice floor and can show the Suns coaching staff he can rebound, he’ll play. Both Channing Frye and Hakim Warrick are terrible rebounders, plus it’s also clear at this point that hustle-man and fan favorite Lou Amundson isn’t returning. Knock, Knock…Who’s there? Gani Lawal.

Last But Not Least, I Bring You The Most Exciting NBA Summer League Finish I Was In Attendance For, Which Includes 2 of the 5 Players That Made This List: Lester Hudson & Craig Brackins. Take a Look:

This is the last and final part of Ross Geiger’s 7-part Blog Series covering the NBA’s most prominent young players. Thank you for following the series and we hope you enjoyed it! Be sure to follow Ross Geiger on Twitter: @RossGeiger.

Wall & Jennings Connect on a Nasty Alley-Oop

By: Ross Geiger

Wall will be flying high in D.C. this season

The best two point guards from the past two drafts collided this week in Los Angeles, California for the Boost Mobile Elite 24 event. They’re both former participants of the Elite 24 event, where 24 of the top high school prospects regardless of class take the hardwood.

Before the event’s actual game a handful of the NBA’s brightest talent took the stage against this year’s 2010 Elite 24 players among those young NBA players that joined John Wall and Brandon Jennings included DeMar DeRozen and 2010 Rookie of the Year Tyreke Evans.

One of the games best highlights was a 2-on-1 fastbreak which left Jahii Carson left helpless trying to guard both Jennings and Wall running the break. Jennings delivered quite the pass and Wall finished up nicely with a 1 handed monster jam. Check it out:

Arizona vs. Arizona State Basketball Rivarly Revitalized

By: Zach Silvernail

Legendary Coach Lute Olson doing his best Darius Miles impersonation

As a die-hard University of Arizona basketball fan, it is a very difficult and bittersweet time for me. As long as I can remember, basketball has been all I’ve known. While other toddlers were off spitting out their first words, or taking those ever so wobbly first baby steps, I was working on my left hand dribble, and perfecting my follow through. I was fortunate enough to have been brought in up a family rich in it’s love for basketball (sweet), and strong in it’s ties to the University of Arizona (sweeter). As a young child infatuated by the world of basketball, growing up in a Wildcat household, it was only natural that I would take to Lute Olson and the Arizona Wildcats. It just so happened that the UofA happened to have one of the best basketball programs in the country, and were particularly known for the players I envied most; their point guards (sweetest).

The Hibachi was a member of "Point Guard U"

But as my world, basketball dreams, and basketball realities began to change, so did the University of Arizona Men’s Basketball program. On October 23, 2008, “Point Guard U” was dealt a devastating blow. Lute Olson, the father of UofA basketball, one of the best, most successful coaches college basketball has ever known, retired (too bitter). Needless to say, the program was in shambles. After both Kevin O’Neill (stronger synonym for bitter?) and Russ Pennell were given brief opportunities to turn things around, it was clear that Arizona needed to find a permanent solution, and worthy successor to the great Lute Olson. Thank goodness for Sean Miller.

Miller’s acceptance of the head coaching position at UofA had an immediate positive impact on the program. Within only three months of taking the job, Miller managed to piece together a five player recruiting class that ranked 13th in the country (thanks USC). Last year (Miller’s first year), Arizona failed to make the tournament, although their extremely young and inexperienced roster was not expected to do so. But a young, talented core, to go with Miller’s uncanny ability to recruit, gives us UofA faithful hope that there is, after all, light at the end of the tunnel. Miller once again proved his ability to recruit the country’s top players this week by signing 2011 PG/SG, Nick Johnson. Here is where the bittersweet saga continues.

Johnson will be wearing similar colors next Fall

Sweet: Nick Johnson, who formally played high school basketball in Arizona (now plays for Findlay College Prep), is one of the premier not just guards, but players in the country. He is ranked 20th overall in the ESPNU 100 class of 2011. Johnson possesses a solid all around game, but is best known for his unbelievable athleticism and jumping ability, which can be seen all over YouTube. Clearly, he is a perfect and valuable piece of what is becoming a more recognizable UofA puzzle, and has a chance to be one of the best players in the country.

Carson will wear maroon & gold as a Sun Devil

Bitter: One day after Johnson verbally committed to UofA, another Arizona recruit, Jahii Carson, committed to crosstown rival Arizona State. Carson, who is now a senior at Mesa High School, is currently ranked 54th overall in ESPNU’s top 100. As a point guard, Jahii Carson is near perfect, and then some. At only 5’10”, his athleticism takes the term “off the charts” to a whole new level. It is rare that you see a point guard catch a lob in the half court, or dunk on the opposing team’s center, but not when Jahii’s in the game. Coupled with his leaping ability are his nauseating handles. Picture AI’s crossover, followed by Russell Westbrook’s explosiveness, and you have Jahii Carson. He is a very capable and talented passer, but needs to become a more willing one. But, that is one aspect of a point guard’s game that always improves upon reaching the college level, for most guys like Jahii Carson have never had people around them with their type of capability until they get out of high school. His jumper also needs to become a little more consistent, but again, this is something that will improve at the collegiate ranks, for he will not just be able to blow by everyone as he does now. If you haven’t figured it out by now, Jahii Carson is one of my favorite 2011 players in the country. Watching him poster ASU’s slow, foreign centers in his Wildcat red and blue has been a dream of mine for some time now. Unfortunately, it is a dream that will never become a reality. Instead, he will be playing for the team I loath most.

It is too hard to tell at this point which of these great incoming guards will have a better season/more profound impact on their team in their freshman year. But, this much I do know: UofA and ASU both signed two of the elite athletes and point guards in the 2011 class, and have both taken gigantic steps towards solidifying what has FINALLY become a competitive rivalry. Watching Johnson and Carson go head-to-head will be very difficult for me, but a pleasure for college basketball fans across the nation.

So Let Rivalry Begin! Whose Has the Better Poster Dunk of the Year?

Jahii Carson (remember he’s 5’11) over 6’10 big man:


Nick Johnson on the fastbreak?

Both Carson & Johnson Have Bounce:

Jahii Carson:

Nick Johnson:

Charles Barkley is NOT the NBA’s Worst Golfer…PROOF!

Charles Barkley is NOT the NBA’s Worst Golfer…PROOF!

Tyreke Evans surely claims NBA's Worst Golfer of Summer 2010

Yesterday, former Sacramento Kings guard Bobby Jackson held annual Bobby Jackson Golf Tournament at Verdera Country Club Golf Course in Sacramento. Of those in attendance included Kings star and the NBA’s 2010 Rookie of the Year, Tyreke Evans. While we may have drawn some negative attention to Tyreke Evans for his behavior on the roadways, we’re also glad and prefer to give the bright, young star some positive attention.

Evans took part in Jackson’s golf tournament in an effort to assist children in California who have lost a parent due to cancer or have a parent that has cancer. Not only is it great to see Evans showing his support for a Kings fan favorite and for such a great cause, but it great to see Evans give it his best shot on the tee box. In fact, it looks as though we’ve found the NBA’s worst golfer. It must’ve been a long day on the course for Evans as you will see by this video evidence. Take a look:

Who knows if any NBA players can do worse than this swing attempt, but there’s definitely of other players that couldn’t do much better. So to Tyreke Evans’s defense, it’s encouraging to see him show up knowing very well he had no idea what he was doing out on the golf course. Our advice: Stick to the hardwood Tyreke!

Need for Speed: Tyreke Evans

On Memorial Day weekend Tyreke took home another trophy in becoming the summer's fastest NBA racer

Speeding, we’re all guilty of doing it some time or another while driving on the roadways, but the Sacramento Kings guard Tyreke Evans, the NBA’s reigning Rookie of the Year, took it to an entirely different level this past Memorial Day weekend. Like most NBA minor misconducts during the offseason, Evans’s crime went forgotten among most fans, but that’s no longer the case.

Now, Evans’s joy ride with a buddy has hit the YouTube world somehow and it’s sure to create some buzz. The video is taken from a California Highway Patrol chopper and it follows Evans in his purple Mercedes Benz for an extended amount of time as he travels at speeds ranging from 120 to 130 miles per hour. The footage shot is no different from clips you would see on such as World’s Wildest Police Chases or Cops with full audio and full video that is very graphic. At the end of Evans’s run from trouble with law enforcement he’s stopped at a local school parking lot and arrested at gunpoint.

It’s looks as though the school is not in session, but the school grounds definitely have some activity at the time the arrest was made. One thing that really stands out is that from the overhead shot of the helicopter it looks as though there are people playing basketball on the outdoor courts at the time. Can you imagine, heading to the park to meet up with some of you’re buddies and wham! You’re immediately stunned in witnessing you’re favorite and team’s best player being arrested at gun point, crazy!

Rest assured, the 20-year-old phenom learned his lesson that summer day in Sacramento. According to, Evans pleaded no contest to reckless driving, was sentenced to 80 hours of community service, ordered to a teen-driving program, and has his license suspended for 30 days.

It’s unfortunate that Evans’s first NBA offseason won’t be a memorable as he would’ve hoped. Instead of working on his game in the gym, he’ll be doing 80 hours of service to the Sacramento community, which surely won’t count as an NBA Cares program. And if you’re a teenage Kings fan growing up in the Sacramento area, now’s the time to ask mom and dad for driving school! Along with you’re permit, be sure you wear your Kings gear and bring a black sharpie to the classroom.  This incident is just another example of how just how young some of these kids in the league are and why many of them need to a close eye looking out for them. Hopefully next time for Evans, that close eye won’t be the California Highway Patrol.

Derrick Rose or John Wall?!

During my trip out to NBA Summer League in Las Vegas, I briefly tagged along with one of my favorite NBA reporters in the business, Elie Seckbach. While hanging out with Elie, I was introduced to three young,up and coming bloggers who are based out of Los Angeles. Of the three, two of them hold a blog together named, “Agree 2 Disagree”, which pretty explains the basis of the blog, to argue on hot topics. So I decided to spark a debate, got Elie’s camera rolling, and posed this question to the bloggers at “Agree 2 Disagree” David Merabi and Sean Nami as well as SportsBiz founder Shayan Mondegari: Derrick Rose or John Wall? Take a look at what they had to say:

Derrick Rose

John Wall

To Watch More Videos From Elie Seckbach Visit His YouTube Channel at:

To Check Out “Agree 2 Disagree” Visit:

For More From Shayan Mondegari on his SportsBiz Blog Visit:

5/5/10 Spurs vs. Suns Game Prediction

San Antonio Spurs at Phoenix Suns- 9ET TNT

It seems I just can’t win for lose with Suns fans these days. I predicted them to win in Game 1 yet they still find a way to criticize me with my George Hill comments regarding how big of an impact I see him having in this series. Hill had very insignificant performance in Game 1 which only leads to me warn Suns fans to not speak too soon. A Spurs win tonight, swings momentum and home court advantage to the San Antonio as they head home for games 3 and 4. Putting the Spurs in the exact same situation as they had in Round 1 against the Mavericks; losing Game 1 in Dallas and winning Game 2 sending the split series back home.

Instead of providing Suns fans reasons why I think the Phoenix Suns should be worried, I’ll let the Spurs players speak for themselves. (Quotes courtesy of Yahoo’s Playoff Game 2 Preview by Bob Baum)

“We still have an opportunity to steal homecourt here tomorrow, and we’re going to do just that. We’ve got a lot of things to clean up. We feel if we do just that, we give ourselves a real good chance.”- Tim Duncan

“We made so many mistakes, but at the same time, with all those mistakes, all those flaws we had, we were pretty close.”- Manu Ginobili

“This team’s been through it all. They know what they’re doing. They’ve come back from deficits or losses already this year. We expect a great effort [from] them. They’ll make adjustments and we have to be ready to respond.”- Steve Nash

Steve Nash & the Suns rockin' the Los Suns jerseys tonight

I have no doubt in saying the Spurs will make positive adjustments heading into Game 2, but I do hold my doubts when it come to how the Phoenix Suns react and respond to these changes. The Suns aren’t a great team when it comes to making adjustments or responses, unless you want to count their response to the new controversial Arizona bill, as the Suns will wear their “Los Suns” jersey tonight in honor of Cinco de Mayo. The Suns are 2-0 this season when wearing their “Los Suns” jerseys, tonight that streak ends.

Spurs- 109 Suns- 104

Just for kicks, what’s the odds we hear Sir Charles cry out Ginobili!!!!!!!!! tonight?!

Bucks Mascot Bango Restores Balance & Respect…Maybe

This past Monday during Game 4 of the Atlanta Hawks at Milwaukee Bucks inside the Bradley Center, Bucks mascot, Bango, threw down one of the most risky dunk attempts I’ve ever seen. Standing on what must’ve been an 18-foot stepladder, Bango climbed to the very top. Each step higher he went, the more and more fans got up to give a standing ovation. As he finally reached the top step on the ladder, there was a mixture of cheers and breathlessness from the Bucks crowd.

After a spilt second pause on the very top step, Bango did a back flip flying directly over the rim and finishing off the stunt with a very impressive dunk on the other side of the rim on his way down. The stunt not only kept the crowd on it’s feet as the Bucks came out of the longer than normal TV timeout but it also more than made up for Bango’s embarrassing injury last season during NBA All Star Weekend in Phoenix.

Last season, Bango tore his ACL as he accidentally slipped standing on top of the back of the rim while his fellow NBA Mascots shot half court shots. Falling through the rim, Bango’s left leg got tangled up in the net causing the tear in his knee. For the rest of the Bucks 2008-2009 regular season, the Bucks decided against finding a “replacement’ Bango, instead almost comically played around with the injury. After all, it made perfect sense.

Last year Bango was added to the Bucks list of key injuries

Bango was added to all-too-famous Bucks Injury Report along with the best two Bucks players: Michael Redd and Andrew Bogut. While Redd and Bogut remained on the bench cheering on the team in suits, the Bucks mascot rolled around the arena in a wheelchair cheering the team on as well. Last year the Bucks’ team chemistry was nearly flawless in that regard.

Now let’s flashback to Game 4’s incredible dunk, unfortunately not all that much has changed as far these three Bucks figures are concerned. Michael Redd is still out, Andrew Bogut out yet again taking a gruesome fall late into the season after a very impressive all around year, and Bango…well he’s back fully healthy performing more tricks above the rim…isn’t he? Doesn’t this dunk say it all and is proof that Bango’s performance has improved just as much as this year’s playoff clinching Bucks team? Not so fast Bucks fans, I think we’ve all could have been misled.

While I’m sure it happens more often than we all would imagine, there’s a strong possibility that Bango was replaced with a stunt man for the job. The stunt man quite possibly could be the NBA mascot without a job, the Seattle Supersonics’ mascot named Sasquatch. Whether or not it was actually Sasquatch can be left up for debate, but one thing’s for certain if the NBA was a university, Bango would be expelled for plagiarism.

The set up, the dunk, and even the after dunk celebration with an array of back handsprings and cartwheels was almost the exact same. So similar, it has to make you wonder whether or not it really was Milwaukee own’s Bango that had lived up to his own team’s motto “Work Hard, Play Hard.” Did Bango put in the time and effort practicing this very risky stunt or did Bango and the Bucks simply pick up the telephone?

I’ll leave it open for you to decide. Watch the videos and let us know what you think!